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Video Production for Industrial Banks

Industrial banks are part of a financial services provider industry which are better known as industrial lenders or industrial loan companies because they primarily make consumer & commercial loans through federally insured deposits. Both financial & commercial operators are the potential owners of industrial bank which are not regulated by the Federal Reserve. Industrial banks provide loans & financing, financial planning and various commercial, industrial and consumer lending products. Video Production for Industrial Banks focuses on the consumer, and on building audience recognition of loan & lending products, capital, and financial services that are offered by the bank.

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Industrial banks were largely impacted by the FDIC moratorium on new industrial bank charter applications but that was reversed in 2013 allowing virtually any nonfinancial institution to establish an FDIC-insured industrial bank. While revenue was low for a while due to the subprime mortgage crisis, expectations are for the industrial banking industry to return to profitable growth exceeding the current market size of $13 billion dollars across the 55 industrial banks that currently exist in the United States.

Beverly Boy Productions actively engages with industrial banks to produce expert video content that can education consumers, build trust, increase awareness surrounding financial services & products, and drive revenue for the brand.

Promotional Videos for Industrial Banks

Promotional videos for industrial banks focus on promoting the various financial services that target consumers can benefit from and use.

Big banks in the industry, including Sallie Mae, Comenity Capital, and Merrick Bank and many smaller banks utilize promotional video content to:

• Increase consumer awareness of banking services & products.
• Boost engagement on social media & landing pages.
• Increase lead generation and conversions.
• Drive revenue and income for the financial services brand.

Promotional Video Production for Industrial Banks is essential for many reasons, and with 64% of consumers admitting to making a purchase after they see video, why wouldn’t you want to use promo videos to grow your financial services brand?

Marketing Videos for Industrial Banks

Marketing Video Production for Industrial Banks and for financial institutions in general has been steadily increasing across these brands. In 2018, brands in the financial services industry would spend $1.8 billion on marketing videos, and they spend even more today because they know that marketing videos:

• Increase consumer perception of value behind the business.
• Humanize the brand to generate stronger audience trust.
• Improve reach & recognition for the audience.
• Increase conversion generating revenue that is essential to bank brands.

Marketers know that video is one of the most powerful forms of media content for growing revenue & increasing ROI for industrial bank brands. That’s why 93% of marketers that use video find it to be important to their marketing strategy.

Training Videos for Industrial Banks

Training videos for industrial banks are essential to growing employee confidence and increasing staff morale when onboarding new employees or moving employees into new positions within the business.

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Fortunately, training videos provide powerful insights for new employees to gain essential knowledge and skills that can contribute to:

• Increased productivity.
• Reduced training time.
• Improved training outcomes.
• Better knowledge retention.
• Stronger understanding of complex training topics.

Whether you’re hiring frequently, or you just find hiring to be a total resource drag, training Video Production for Industrial Banks is an essential tactic to mitigate the resource hog without jeopardizing the outcomes of your onboarding process.

Interview Videos for Industrial Banks

Expert interview videos for industrial banks often including the key niche-specific of industry-specific people behind the brand that can prove to consumers that the bank is knowledgeable and valuable to the consumer audience. Trust and transparency are very important in the financial services market, which is why many industrial banks choose to use interview videos to:

• Connect with consumer audiences & share insights into the business and the brand.
• Identify experts on banking & financial subject matter and share their knowledge with the consumer.
• Communicate, visually & audibly, to the consumer audience to improve the likelihood that they will retain what they learn.
• Improve audience trust, confidence & commitment to the business or brand.


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Ask Team Beverly Boy about expert interview videos and the many other expert services in Video Production for Industrial Banks that can help you achieve revenue growth for your financial services business.