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Video Production for Bridal Stores

The bridal store industry has substantially shrunk over the past five years at a rate of about 5.1% annually to reach a low market size of just $2 billion dollars. Despite rising per capita annual incomes and equally rising costs of bridal wear, the industry struggles due to declining marriage rates, increased online competition & competition from external industries. COVID-19, and the widespread government demanded closures of retail stores as well as of many bridal venues would further dampen bridal store revenues over the past several years, but the expectation is that these stores can regain some of their lost revenues going into 2027.  Video Production for Bridal Stores provides a unique opportunity to build up audience excitement around a retail location, boost hype, offer product promotions & drive sales.

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For bridal brands, the use of video is incredibly popular & important. Video can be used for everything from educating consumers about the many different considerations that must be made when planning & executing a wedding to engaging the viewer in tear jerking bridal announcements that they can recreate for their own. Videos are important for bridal stores at every stage of the customer journey from awareness to purchase and during post-purchase interactions when audiences are most likely to share a bridal store with their loved ones or friends.

Beverly Boy Productions can help you generate more revenue for your bridal store by producing a variety of styles & types of video content that is targeted at growing your bridal store’s audience, increasing the number of leads you can generate for your store, boosting consumer confidence in your brand, and ultimately generating higher bridal inventory sales. Ask us about the ways that you can use video for your bridal store to achieve your sales revenue goals!

Promotional Videos for Bridal Stores

Promotional Video Production for Bridal Stores incorporates engaging video content with decision-driving call-to-action opportunities that are important to encouraging a target audience to participate in or otherwise engage with a particularly desired outcome for the brand. In other words, promotional videos ask the audience to take a desired action, generally asking them to make a purchase, visit a store, set an appointment, or otherwise in engage with the retailer in some manner.

Savvy bridal stores know that there is significant revenue to be achieved by selling more than just wedding dresses. In fact, many bridal stores sell also bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, bridal accessories, tuxedos and suits, and many other bridal items. They’ll also offer post-purchase alterations for all bridal wear in case a dress or tux needs to be adjusted.  Many of these alterations can bring in significant revenue above and beyond the cost of the dress or the bridal wear itself. Promoting these services with expert video promotions is a great way to generate increased revenue for your bridal store.

Marketing Videos for Bridal Stores

Video marketing for bridal stores allows the store itself to connect with the bride-to-be, her loved ones, and her friends in a way that will result in significant impact on her decision-making. Today’s brides spend about 16 hours a week engaging in video content online, often turning to TikTok, IG Reels, FB Reels, and Stories to connect with the brands they have most interest in including brick and mortar stores & retail bridal locations.

Marketing your bridal store with video presents several incredible opportunities including:

  • Increased consumer awareness of your store & the promotions you have.
  • Increased conversions for your website or landing pages.
  • Increased website traffic & leads.
  • Up to 66% more qualified leads each year.

Consumers spend about one-third of their online activity watching videos, thus the more you can introduce your bridal store online to your target market with video, the more likely you’ll be to generate market awareness, reach & sales for your store, too!

Training Videos for Bridal Stores

Bridal stores are part of the larger industry of retail stores which experience a significant overall market employee turnover rate that can reach as high as 60% or more. Often, employees complain about their positions and the lack of training that they receive causing them to feel uncomfortable and to have a lack of confidence in their career which can subsequently cause them to quit.

Training videos are a great way to reduce some of this turnover for your bridal store without adding unnecessary time or costs to your existing operations. Not only will training Video Production for Bridal Stores provide a cost saving solution to providing new employees with the engagement & interaction they need to achieve their goals, they’re a time saving solution, too.

In fact, training videos will:

  • Improve employee training outcomes.
  • Boost employee training knowledge.
  • Reduce total training dropout rate.
  • Increase training engagement rates.
  • Save money & time for the bridal store owner & management.

Think about what you would do if you never had to provide the same training on running the register again? What if you never had to provide the same training on safety equipment in the store again? Think about all of the training that you provide a new employee, and how many times you’ve provided that training before. Now think about how much you time you could save if all of your repetitive training tasks were turned into training videos that allowed you to train your employees without interrupting your schedule!

Interview Videos for Bridal Stores

Building up the trust and confidence of members of your target market is an important aspect to building up a strong, committed audience that will visit your bridal store and share the store’s details with their friends & family members. Expert interview videos that show off the important history, background, and key details of your experience & your team’s expertise are a great way to build audience confidence in your bridal store.


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This is a great way to develop audience trust in your brand and to generate consistency in the number of visitors that you can produce just by introducing & sharing your videos online. Ask Team Beverly Boy about interview Video Production for Bridal Stores & the next steps you can take to ensure the growth of your bridal shop sales