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Top Philadelphia Video Production Insights 2024

In 2024, video campaigns are on the rise. Last year, only about 60% of companies said they used video for their marketing strategies, but this year, that number has gone up to over 80%. That means that you are going to need a top Philadelphia video production company to help you create a powerful video campaign that will intrigue your viewers and keep you at the top of the game. When you are trying to decide what Philadelphia video production agency to employee to work on your next campaign production, consider some of the trends that we are seeing in film. You will definitely want to include one or two of them in your next video campaign so that you stay relevant in the year to come.

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Personalizing Your Video Production To Your Consumer

A trend that we are noticing that is gaining in popularity as of late is being able to personalize video content to your consumers. When you work with a full service Philadelphia video production company, they can help you create a compelling film campaign that your audiences will enjoy, and then they can put that campaign on your website or social media accounts.

Then, your customers will visit your site or social media pages and input their information into a form, or even an application that complements the sites, and then the video production will be updated to include that data. This will tailor the film to that customer, as if the video was made specifically with them in mind. If this is a service you are interested in, you will want to work with a video producer who knows website video production so that the film is done correctly.

Creating Smaller Films With A Video Production Studio

In the past, Philadelphia video marketing companies created campaigns in one longer film in a bid to save time, but the truth is that consumers lost interest. In 2024, we are seeing the trend shift to creating smaller films that keep consumers interested as the story line is built up across the films. No matter if you operate a business in Bucks County, or an advertising agency on South Street in Old City hire a company that knows how to do digital marketing in South Pennsylvania.

If you want to utilize this trend, remember that you need to hire a video production studio who creates short films to make something that your consumers will want to see. A video company, alone, may not have the ability to create the continuity needed to make these films flow, but a full service video production studio certainly will.

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Having Hybrid Video Production Services in Philadelphia

Engaging customers is one thing, but really wowing them is another. If that is your goal, hybrid Video Production Services would be perfect for you. Hybrid video production means combining a livestream with video, to create something completely new that will give your customers the ability to view live events while also giving them more information by using video elements.

A top Philadelphia video production company will create a livestream or webcast, and then insert video logistics, such as a chyron or lower third within that stream. They can also create webcast streaming and post a logo or lower third graphic within that, as well. Hiring a Philadelphia production house that understands both live streaming and video is going to be important if you choose to utilize this trend.

Hire Film Production Companies Who Know The Value of Micro-Films

Choosing a company that knows micro films are really getting some big attention these days is going to help you create one of these uber short films, which play in 30 seconds or less, to play on your social media sites and reach your consumers. It may not seem like 30 seconds is much time to create a solid corporate video, but when you hire a Philadelphia film production company that specializes in these films, you will be surprised at what they can accomplish in such a short amount of time.

Film production companies in Philadelphia that have created these films for social media sites are going to be very valuable, since social media is where the majority of users both view and share such videos. When you work with a creative agency that knows the value in these films, and knows how to navigate social media, you can create a video marketing campaign that will really shine in 2024, no matter how short of a film.

Select a Philadelphia Production Company That Goes Live

It isn’t enough to just post a video and hope that your consumers are going to enjoy it. To really stand out in 2024, you need to get with one of the latest trends that is happening all over social media and that is live video. You can hire a Philadelphia production company that understands live streaming to help you set up your live interview set. Of course, you don’t have to do interviews. You can have discussions with your consumers, you can talk to staff members, or even speak with the owner of your company.

The production company will simply set up the means for you to go live so that it looks professional and not something that you did on a cell phone. When you work with a top Philadelphia video production company that is close to you, you can do these films often, and that will be important to consumers. They will check back often to see your live feed because they enjoy seeing what is going on with the companies they support.

Go With A Philadelphia Video Production Agency That Understands Blogging

Blogging is definitely not new, but when you think of blogging and film, you may not see how the two are related. In today’s market though combining blogs to tell a story, and using video to enhance that story, is something that many consumers are starting to enjoy. When you decide to utilize this trend, hire a Philadelphia video production agency that not only understands film, but also understand how blogs are important.

Today, many corporations maintain a blog, because that allows them to reach their following much easier and faster, as well as in an affordable manner. If you want to have a video campaign, you can work with a video production agency who will help you place those campaigns within your blogs, so that you can reach the same type of audience in the same manner. Currently, some of the top production companies in Philadelphia are already creating these films, so you should be able to find one who can help you if this is a trend you want to start using.

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When flipping through all of the options for a top Philadelphia video production company that can help you create a compelling, trendy, efficient, and effective corporate video campaign, you don’t want to end your search with “production companies near me.” You want to actually do your homework, and learn about the trends in film that are out there now that your corporation may benefit from using.

Beverly Boy Productions knows these Trends, and we know corporate film, we can help you select the ones that are going to work for you to keep your company ahead of the game and it beating out your competitors at every turn.