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Top Durham Video Production Insights 2024 – Trends To Consider For Your Production

There are a lot of video trends popping up in 2024 that you can consider using for your next production to get your story out to your viewers. In 2020, about 61% of companies used videos in their campaigns, and that number has grown to over 80%, meaning that when you hire a Top Durham video production company to produce a video campaign for your brand, keep in mind that you are making an investment for your company, and you need to remember that what when you select the Durham video production agency you want to hire. Make sure you pick one that understands the following trends to determine which ones will work for your company.

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Personalizing Your Video Production

A trend that we are noticing that is picking up speed is personalized video content to your consumers. When you work with a full service Durham video production company, they can produce a compelling film campaign that your audience will want to watch, and then put that campaign on your website or social media sites. When your customers visit those sites, they will input their information into a form or app and the video production will be updated to include the info.

This will personalize the film to that customer, as if the video was made just for them. If this is a service you are interested in, hire a video producer that knows website video production so that the film is done correctly. We can help you, serving all of Central North Carolina, including Chapel Hill, Cary, Raleigh, and Burlington.

Building a Strong Storyline With A Video Production Studio

You have no doubt seen a video campaign that was created for a company using a longer film. That was what Durham video marketing companies have done in the past. In 2024, that is changing, and the trend of producing several smaller films to tell a company’s story is popular, now. Regardless if you operate a business in Durham, or an advertising agency on 9th Street in the Shopping District, choosing a company that understands digital marketing in Central North Carolina is important because the smaller films will be placed on various platforms, mostly digital services, to help you reach more people. You are also going to want to work with a video production studio who can create the short films. A video company, by itself, cannot keep the films flowing like a full service video production studio can.

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Use Hybrid Video Production Services in Durham To Change Up Your Films

Engaging an entertaining your customer is important, but you also need to entertain and inform them, at the same time. Hybrid Video Production Services can do that for you. Hybrid video production means combining both live streaming with video, and having a Top Durham video production company that knows how to handle webcasting and streaming is important if you decide to do this type of video production.

Live streams are rising in popularity, but working with a top-rated production house can help you add in video elements to make your livestream top-notch. You can add in an action chyron or lower third within the stream, or insert a lower third graphic into webcast streaming. Combining live streaming and video is a way to give information without disrupting the live feed your customers are watching.

Work With Film Production Companies That Know How To Produce Quality Micro-Films

Today’s consumers prefer a big trend that isn’t so big- microfilms, or films that last less than 30 seconds. If this is something that you are interested in, hiring Durham Film Production companies that specialize in micro films, particularly for corporate videos, is the best way to capitalize on the trend. Film production companies in Durham that have created these films for social media sites is exactly where you want to look, because social media is where these films are generally seen and shared by your consumers. When you work with a creative agency that understands the value of micro films, you will get video marketing at its finest in 2024.

Select a Durham Production Company That Does Live Filming

To really stand out in 2024, you need to include one of the latest trends happening in film, and one of the easiest and most well-known is the live video. You can hire a Durham production company that understands live streaming, instead of doing it yourself, and they will set up the film for you.

You can do an interview, host discussions with your consumers, or even speak with the owner of your company about what is coming up for the brand in the future. The production company will just set up the means for you to go live, and you take it from there. When you work with a top Durham video production company close to you, you can do these films often and get more people interested in your company than you thought possible.

Hire A Durham Video Production Agency That Creates Films For Blogs

If you want to work with a Durham video production agency that can bring your corporate video to the next level, look at one that creates films for blogs. If you already have a corporate blog, then you know that having one helps you interact with your consumers in a more in-depth manner. But, did you know that consumers also want to see videos with those blogs? Some of the top production companies in Durham create short films for blogs, and when you hire an experienced video production agency they can help you produce various short films to place within your blog postings, which will help drive more consumers to your site.

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Picking your Top Durham Video Production Company

There are many things to consider when you are picking out the top Durham video production company for filming your next production. Don’t just look for “production companies near me,” because you need to consider the latest trends that you want to incorporate into your video campaign. Beverly Boy Productions knows the top trends, and we can offer services that are cutting-edge and customized for corporate videos to help you stay at the top of the game.

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