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Tips for Producing an Incentivized Video CPV Earning Case Study for Your Marketing Brand

Cost per view models are common in the world of advertising and marketing in which incentivized video earnings are based on whether or not someone views the ad not so much on the outcomes of the ad itself. In this space, where advertisement bills are the direct result of whether or not someone views an ad, and more so, how many people view or engage with the marketing advertorials that you create there is a lot at stake. Perhaps that’s why you’re thinking about producing an Incentivized Video CPV Earning Case Study video for your marketing brand?

Certainly it would pay for more consumer prospects to be informed about how CPV earnings work and the benefits that can come from the production of advertorials that utilize a CPV earning model, and as a marketing agency or brand owner that specializes in the production of adverts which are often distributed based on a CPV or CPCV basis, it would make sense for you to produce a case study video that represents how these offers work and how you can get the most ROI for your customers using this CPV type offer.


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If you’re thinking about producing an Incentivized Video CPV Earning Case Study that represents the earnings achieved by your marketing brand or agency for a particular client or group of clients in a particular industry, you probably have some questions before you get started. For example, what’s the production process going to look like? And, will I need to hire a professional to film and edit? And, are there any other important details that I need to consider before getting started?

At Beverly Boy Productions, we work with clients regularly in the marketing, agency, and advertising industries. This is what we’ve determined as a result of our decades of service to these service providers when it comes to producing Incentivized Video CPV Earning Case Study content that reflects the relationships and underlying processes utilized by marketing brands and agencies.

Always Set Clear Goals for the Video Case Study Ahead of Time

Knowing what your goals are ahead of any attempts or ideas to produce a video case study is essential. Before you set your goals, think about what it is you’re going to attempt to gain from the production of an Incentivized Video CPV Earning Case Study for your marketing agency. Are you looking to generate leads? Showcase your authority in the space? Build trust in your audience to convert more prospects into clients? Knowing your goals will help you craft content that works for your desired achievement outcomes.

Define a Target Audience that You Understand on a Personal Level

Knowing your audience, and understanding them on a personal level is essential to crafting a message that will work for them. Your target audience will have a lot to do with your intended goals. If you’re trying to convert your prospects into clients, your audience will be people that are already aware of your brand and they probably already know that your agency handles advertising and various types of PPC or similar campaigns. Likewise, if your goal is to increase leads, you’re going to reach people that might not know what your brand does or who you are.

You need to know who your audience is, and what is important to them in order to craft a message that speaks to them personally.

Identify the Challenge & The Solution Before Forming Your Message

Knowing your audience, and your goals, now you can craft a message that is based on the challenge that you’ll be studying and the solution that your brand provides. In an Incentivized Video CPV Earning Case Study, you’re probably going to discuss challenges in different types of advertising payouts, pricing models for video, view rates, or something similar. You also need to have a solution to whatever the challenge is in order to succeed.

Choose a Client to Interview & Your Experts for Testimony

With all of these details in order, think about a client that you’ve worked with personally to solve the challenge or problem that you’re focusing on. Your client should also resemble your target audience so that your audience will resonate with them and feel connected to your story. Take your time here. There’s plenty of time to produce an Incentivized Video CPV Earning Case Study, but choosing a client that is optimal to your messaging is vital to the success of your study.

Make Sure Your Story is Formed by Asking the Right Questions

With a plan for who you will interview and what expert testimony you may need to craft your message it’s time to form your questions. Case study videos, including the average Incentivized Video CPV Earning Case Study for you marketing brand or agency, are typically made up of a series of interviews and messages that come together to form the desired story or message.  Think about what you’re asking and how each question you ask forms your story.

At Beverly Boy Productions we’ll work with you side-by-side to create a powerful, Incentivized Video CPV Earning Case Study for your business that highlights the core concepts and values of your agency and its ability to depict exceptional advertising studies that work. To learn more about producing a case study video that represents your brand, give us a call! We’ll put more than two decades of experience to work for your business to achieve your advertising goals.