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Professional Tips on Producing High Quality E Learning Videos: The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to producing Producing High Quality E Learning Videos: The Ultimate Guide to success is all about planning! Whether you’re a professional that’s produced hundreds of educational videos before, or you’re entirely new to the process and this is your first go with educational video production, planning is essential to success. Getting everything right from the start is key to ensuring top quality educational video content production.

Follow these professional tips when producing Producing High Quality E Learning Videos: The Ultimate Guide that Beverly Boy Productions has created here will help you to achieve success with your project. From start to finish, we bring more than 2 decades of experience to the table to assist you with the professional production of e learning videos and training style content that is going to set you apart from the competition.

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Know Your Audience

The first step to producing high quality e learning videos is to know your audience. This is incredibly important because it plays a unique role in determining not only what type of content you should create, but also in how you should pitch the content and what kinds of interactive elements should be integrated into your content. Knowing your audience allows you to frame the content of your video around your learner so that you can teach from their perspective.

Understanding who your audience is will help you to:

Target your messaging to the audience specifically.
Use interactive elements that reinforce audience learning.
Coordinate settings and backdrop to speak to your target audience.
Drill down content elements to provide deeper level understanding of topics.

As you can see, the more focused you can be on targeting your audience’s specific learning initiatives, the better your chances are to create quality e learning videos that your student audience will appreciate and gain strong understanding from.

Consider Interactive Opportunities

A variety of different interactive opportunities exist to assist students with their understanding of learning outcomes. The steps you take early on to incorporate interactive opportunities into your e learning videos will ensure students stay focused and engaged with your video content. With student attention spans shorter than ever before, finding ways to engage the student throughout the video is more important than ever.

Fortunately, there are many advanced opportunities to create interactive elements into your e learning videos. In fact, when producing Producing High Quality E Learning Videos: The Ultimate Guide to success almost always includes the incorporation of interactive elements into video content right from the start. Consider the following:

-Inclusion of hotspots that draw student attention to unique learning objectives and opportunities.

-Incorporating questions and answers into various points of the video to draw student interest and reinforce topical relevance.

-Including lead generation forms and techniques to draw student insight.

-Prompting student response to interactive elements for continued student engagement.

-Real time engagement aspects that prompt learner participation throughout various points of the film.

-Post-video questions and quizzes that prompt multiple choice, drag and drop, or interactive summaries relative to course content.

-Bookmarking to encourage students to jump back to points of interest for further reading or improved understanding.

-Image zoom features to dynamically scale images and provide additional details for student learning.

These are just a few of the ways that interactive elements can be incorporated into e learning videos that you’re planning for production. Many other opportunities and incentives to encourage continued interaction may also exist.

Work with a Professional Production Crew

Producing high quality e learning videos requires high quality production equipment and expertise. Hiring a professional to assist you with the process of producing quality video content that’s ideal for your target audience is key to the success of your educational video content.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we bring more than two decades of experience to your project and it shows! Professionally produced, high quality, e learning videos that we create:

-Speak to your target audience.

-Encourage your audience to follow along and engage.

-Provide unique interactive opportunities to help your audience learn.

-Offer on-demand training rather than taking a passive stance on educating your audience.

-Use objectives based learning outcomes and goals to help students pickup on challenging topics.

-Transform passive learning videos into challenging, interactions that teach complex topics with ease.


There’s certainly a lot that goes into professional production of high quality educational video content. Working with a professional film crew that has experience and expertise in this field is important to the success of your e learning videos as well as to the overall success of your students. For more information on interactive-video-based learning that incorporates high quality production expertise and engaging, educational concepts into an easy to follow, educational video give Beverly Boy Productions a call!

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Follow these tips on producing Producing High Quality E Learning Videos: The Ultimate Guide for successful outcomes of top quality educational video content that your students are going to directly resonate with and recall. Because today’s e-learning environment is more competitive than ever before- and the best e learning videos are produced by a professional with decades of experience and expertise!