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How to Make a Good Animation Video

You probably already know that video content gets shared up to 50% more frequently than any other form of content and that people interact more frequently with animations and video content than they do with written or still image content alone. In fact, if you’re wondering how to make a good animation video, it’s probably because you’re already aware of the potential benefits that can come from professional animations.

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Being able to make great animated videos for your business is an art. Fortunately, there are many professionals that can help and there are a lot of free or low-cost programs that you can use to achieve success. Want to know how to make a great animated video? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today!

How to Make a Good Animation Video from Scratch

Creating animated video content from scratch requires an essential understanding of how animations work. First, you need a plan and a script. Animation video scripts are similar to any other style of script in the sense that they outline the following essential elements:

-Key characters.

-Key storyline and plot.

-Key background and scenes.

-Shots and actions.

Animated videos are typically easier to create than full-motion, live videos that involve expert talent and camera crews. However, there are a lot of logistics that still must come together to produce animated video content.

Type of Animated Video

As you look at how to make a good animation video, you’re going to need to plan out the style of video that you wish to create. This is important even if you’re planning to hire a professional video animation company to work with as they will ask you what style of animation you wish to produce. 

Obviously your video should mesh well with your brand and should have a style and tone that fits your professional appearance and individual business goals and needs. There are several different types of animated video that you could consider producing including:

-2D animations

-3D animations

-Motion Graphics

-Stop Motion

-Hand Drawn or Cell Animation

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Animation Video Formats

Once you’ve decided on a style of animation that’s best for your business you can begin to focus a bit on the format. Different formats can be used to deliver slightly different functions or goals for the video.

For example, if you’re trying to train your new employees, you may produce animated training videos. If you’re looking to teach consumers how to use your products, animated tutorial videos may work.

Consider the following animation video formats for your business:

Animated marketing videos to deliver core branding and messages.

-Animated training videos to teach customers or train new employees.

-Animated music videos to produce a fun dialogue that is memorable.

-Animated educational videos that deliver cornerstone content.

-Animated whiteboard videos that connect audience members with complex tutorials.

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Animated Video Creation

Learning how to make a good animation video requires some essential knowledge and understanding of animation and of video production. The video production process, for live video and animated video, is similar.

It involves pre-production planning and script writing, producing the actual video footage, and post-production editing that finalizes the content for distribution. 

For more information on animated video creation, or to hire a professional to help you learn how to make a good animation video, give Beverly Boy Productions a call today!