Covid Safe Video Production in Portland, OR

Covid Safe Video Production in Portland, OR

The health and safety of staff, crew members, cast, and the community is a key concern when establishing practices for COVID safe film production in Portland, Oregon. For the CDC and state of Oregon, establishing safety guidelines that would allow filmmakers and those in various other industries to continue operations without such fear of Coronavirus was essential.

Beverly Boy Productions has taken initiative to ensure COVID safe video production in Portland by following all of the appropriate guidelines and standards as well as by continuing to stay abreast of any new updates or changes that are recommended on the film set, in film studios, and between our team when working together.

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COVID Safe Film Production in Portland

COVID safe video production protocols are established by various organizations including the CDC, the state of Oregon, OSHA, and the Cinematographer’s Guild.

These guidelines include:

  • Maintaining social distance. Keeping at least 6 feet between you and the next individual.
  • Requiring cast, crew, contractors, and those entering the film set to have their temperatures checked and recorded prior to entry on set.
  • Limiting those on set to essential workers only.
  • Screening workers for COVID symptoms and risks.
  • Establishing workflows that limit face-to-face interactions, reduce the crossover of equipment use, and allow for thorough disinfection between uses.
  • Requiring PPE including face masks, shields, or other gear on set.
  • Disinfecting the set, high touch surfaces, and costumes, props, or other gear between uses.

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Video Production Drop Kits

Beverly Boy Productions began distributing video production drop kits in March of 2020 throughout Portland.

As part of our COVID safe video production in Portland, these video production drop kits provide essential production equipment for clients that cannot or will not enter a film set or studio for safety and health purposes.

Our video production drop kits are:

  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Ready for point and shoot operation upon delivery.
  • Delivered using contactless delivery methods.
  • Can be used at your home, office, or on location without the need for an extensive cast and crew.
  • Disinfected between uses for your health and safety and to prevent cross-contamination.

Virtual Filming Package

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