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COVID Safe Video Production in San Paulo, Brazil

Producing video content in Brazil is always about the safety and health of the cast, crew members, and those engaged in the process. At Beverly Boy Productions, while we provide COVID safe video production in San Paulo, Brazil our primary goal is to adhere to CDC guidelines, standards set forth by the WHO and those initiated by local Brazilian governments

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COVID Safe Production Practices

To ensure the safety of those producing videos and film in Brazil, we follow essential filmmaking guidelines throughout our various venues including standards set by local governments.

These guidelines include:

-Maintaining social distancing guidelines.

-Wearing appropriate face shields and coverings when near people.

-Cleaning hands and using appropriate disinfectants and sterilization techniques to ensure the set is clean.

-Checking temperatures on set to keep those working on the cast and crew safe.

-Limiting indoor filmmaking and avoiding crowded settings.

-Keeping ventilation strong by opening windows or otherwise improving airways.

-Avoiding the use of shared equipment.

-Keeping up to date on all local regulations and rules.

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Video Production Drop Kits

In addition to the steps taken above for COVID safe video production in San Paulo, Brazil, Beverly Boy Productions also has taken the following steps to ensure continued filmmaking even in times when non-essential businesses have been largely shutdown in Brazil.

This includes issuing video production drop kits throughout Brazil beginning March 2020. Our drop kits are:

-Safe and easy to use with point and shoot technology.

-Disinfected prior to delivery for safety of clients.

-Delivered using contactless delivery methods for your health.

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