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Successful Video Marketing Campaigns Follow these 5 Tips

Have you ever wondered what the secret to success is when it comes to video marketing campaigns? Why is it that some campaigns go viral while others stagnate and don’t do really well at all? Is there some way to reproduce the most powerful and effective elements of a video marketing campaign so that you can ensure effectiveness over and over again?

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We’ve done the research and with nearly two decades in the industry, we know what it takes to produce successful video marketing campaigns. In fact, we’re sure that if you follow these 5 tips when you create your marketing videos you’ll be more successful and enjoy the fruits of the labor, too.

1. Focus Heavily on Telling Your Story

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Every brand has a story of their own to tell. What’s yours? Focusing on the story is the first step to a highly successful video marketing campaign. In fact, the best videos are those that tell a powerful story that is easy for consumers to connect with on a deeply emotional level–it tugs at the heart strings and makes the consumer WANT to be a part of the brand or movement that you’re sharing.

Why are stories so important in marketing? Because as humans, we’re hard wired to seek stories that we can connect with and emotionally, we are tied. When we see a story that we feel connected to, it is in our nature to appreciate it even more.

2. Immediately Get to the Point

Why are you sharing your story? The consumer needs to know and if you’re not willing to get the details out quickly and almost immediately in your video marketing campaigns, then you’re probably not going to do real well. The thing is, consumers don’t want to waste their time. There is so much content out there competing with what you have to say.

It is vital to come up with the primary point of the marketing video and to deliver it immediately to the consumer. Otherwise you risk losing their interest before they ever truly know what your campaign pertains to.

You have about 6 seconds to make your point. Do your best to grab the attention of your audience and make your point early on.

3. Educate and Build Awareness

Video marketing campaigns that build awareness are highly successful. In fact, the more you focus on educating your consumer audience and building awareness for your brand and the products or services that you offer the more you will see success in your marketing campaigns.

Complex products should utilize product tutorial videos and explainer videos to further educate consumers on the benefits, values, and uses of the product. As you tell your story, explain it in a way that helps them to feel the connection with you and your brand. Can you solve a complex problem of theirs, educate them on how you came about this solution and why.

4. Be Exciting

Remember what we said about all the competition out there? That’s why you have to be super exciting with your content–always! You cannot afford to make boring, irrelative, or otherwise useless marketing videos. There’s simply too much competition out there to worry about sharing content that isn’t unique, engaging, exciting and interesting to the consumer.

If you’re not causing the consumer to remain engaged and interested until the very end, you’re missing out on a ton of opportunity. The same is true if you’re boring them from the start. They aren’t hearing your campaign if all they can think about is how boring the content is!

Use bold imagery. Fast moving scenes and transitions. Inspiring graphics and animations to boost the excitement level of your video marketing campaigns. You’ll see quickly that consumers spend more time engaged and appreciating your content if you follow these tips.

5. Don’t Forget SEO

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Once you’ve taken all the steps to produce top quality marketing videos, it’s time to focus some effort on your SEO. When you post your videos to your website or social media pages, make sure you’re using the most important SEO techniques that are available to you for each platform.

Utilize keywords in your titles and descriptions so that you can maximize your reach online. Include a transcript to help the search engines see what you have to say. And don’t forget to include the right tags and descriptions for your video content to maximize the value of your videos to Google, Yahoo!, Bing and any other relevant search engines.

Ready to get started with video marketing campaigns? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call at 888-462-7808. We’ll help you produce powerful marketing videos that converts!