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7 Film Marketing Strategies for Maximum Promotion

You produced video content and now it’s time to share it with the world. The steps you take to market your content will make or break the overall success of your project. These 7 film marketing strategies for maximum promotion will get you started in the right direction.

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Publicity Stunts

Team BBP Filming a Celebrity Interview with Jesse Eisenberg

Many filmmakers find that the publicity stunt is a great, all be it dangerous, way to generate buzz around a new film and boost promotion.

The publicity stunt involves an orchestrated event that is silly, dangerous, raw, or otherwise spectacular in some way and attracts the attention of a huge audience. When the audience figures out it is your film behind the insanity, the result is maximum promotion for your brand.

Press Junket

Many movies use press junket as the primary means of publicity. This is the process of bringing journalists, entertainment reporters and movie critics out for a one or two-day special event in which the characters of your movie are interviewed and press created to discuss the movie.

Press junkets are generally held in a controlled atmosphere where a publicist or agent ensures interviews don’t go off-topic.

Get the Audience Involved

Anytime you can involve your audience either in the production of the film or in the promotion of the film, you’re doing good! Involving your audience is a great way to keep the buzz growing for the film way before it is live.

You can keep the audience involved with crowdfunding, live events, exclusive gift-giving opportunities and various other means of connecting with die-hard fans.

Promote All Over the Web

social media ad placement

The internet makes video promotion possible in ways it never ways before. To make the most out of your film marketing strategy, make sure you are sharing your film and promoting it anywhere and everywhere you can online.

Post trailers on YouTube, include sneak peaks on a website, share on social media and consider other forms of media to get viewers involved with your production. Infographics, memes and viral video are just a few of the options you have to connect with an audience online.

Get Interactive on Facebook

construction facebook and social media

Maximize promotion on your Facebook fan page by promoting the film and interacting with fans throughout the process. Games and contests are always well accepted on social media as are engaging apps.

Facebook should be your go-to source for sharing various interactive insights that allow your film to connect with a wider audience and have fun.

Sell Props

Once the film is complete, auctioning off the props that were purchased or used throughout the film can both boost buzz and revenue. Die-hard fans will flock to the auction site to get their hands on memorabilia that relates to their favorite tv show, movie or film.

Share auction details throughout social media to generate publicity leading up to the sale.

Build Partnerships

handhsaking relationship

Partnerships with celebrities and influencers can make a huge difference in the number of fans and viewers you reach with your film promotion. An official partnership with major brands or an unofficial endorsement by a top celebrity can lead to huge interest. Network and do whatever it takes to connect with major brands and influencers to get the most out of your promotional strategy.

These are just a few of the film marketing strategies that you can use to boost promotion of your content. Get out there and get your hands dirty. The end result will be huge buzz for your project.

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