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12 Online Video Marketing Stats That Will Convince YOU That Video is a MUST

It’s almost 2021 and after such a rough and wild year, now seems like a great time to plan your upcoming marketing campaigns and practices. In fact, if you’re not planning to incorporate online video marketing tactics into your campaigns, you need to stick around! We’re going to provide you with at least 12 online video marketing stats that will not only convince you that online video marketing is here to stay, but also that it’s absolutely vital to the success of your business online!

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Now, check out these 25 online video marketing stats that are sure to convince you to get started with video marketing in 2021!

Video Captures Audience Attention

If you’re wondering if video can be used to capture the attention of your audience and engage them, the answer is–YES! Video not only captures the attention of your audience but it helps them to remember your brand. If you don’t believe us, consider these online video marketing stats that prove our point:

  1. 37% of viewers state they actually watch a video all the way to the end. Proof that viewers are paying attention!
  2. According to Animoto, 85% of marketers report that their videos are engaging and interesting to their audience.
  3. Video retention rates are up to 35% higher than posts without video such as still images or written content.
  4. Social Media Week reports that viewers retain up to 95% of the content contained in their online video marketing campaigns.

Video Increases Purchase Conversions

Online video marketing is sure to improve your business conversions, especially for purchases. Not only do people remember the content they see in your videos, but they are more likely to follow through with a purchase after they watch a video that includes your branding. In fact, video is so important to your sales funnel and is the driving force behind your conversions online. Check out these online video marketing stats to help you better see the connection:

  5. 79% of people report that they made a purchase from a brand following time spent watching a video.
  6. Up to 93% of brands have reported that they gain customers from posting videos on social media.
  7. 81% of marketers report that they use video to generate leads online according to Wyzowl.

Companies Large and Small Use Online Video Marketing to Achieve Success

Business and brands that are large and small with varying marketing budgets use online video marketing. These brands achieve success with their marketing efforts by producing videos that are used to improve their status online, increase recognition of their brands, and generate more leads. In fact, below are some online video marketing stats that dictate the fact that other companies are using video for their success online:

  8. More than 75% of businesses report that they are creating more video content than last year and plan to produce more videos in 2021.
  9. A study by Hubspot found that the average business posts 18 videos per month.
  10. Nearly 90% of businesses use videos as an online marketing tool.
  11. Nearly 85% of brands report that video creation is an important skill when hiring people for new marketing roles.
  12. 52% of businesses are using a mix of video content production services including both in-house and outsourced production techniques to fulfill their marketing goals.

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