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What is a Video Library & Why is it Important for My Business?

If you’re totally new to creating video content as part of your overall marketing strategy, you’re probably not too concerned about a video library–yet. However, for businesses that have been creating video consistently and/or plan to continue to do so, a video library is a must. But what is a video library exactly, and why is it so important for business owners to establish a library of video content? 

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We are frequently asked the question, “What is a video library?” When we bring up the idea of such for business owners, in fact, many initially don’t know anything about a video library or the dire need for such. So, we’re breaking down the details here to help you understand exactly what a video library is and why it’s so important for businesses that frequently post video content to consider as an organizational tool.

What is a Video Library?

A library is a collection of sorts. Most of us think of books when we hear the word, “library,” which is common. Like a library is referencing a collection of books or just a “collection” of sorts, a video library references a collection of videos, but it does get a little bit more complicated than that. For the purpose of this post, a video library refers to an owned media channel in which all of a brand’s video content is managed. 

Manage Everything

Video libraries allow brands or business owners to effectively and efficiently manage all of their video content from a single location. This way they can adjust user privileges or privacy options related to individual videos or entire groups of videos from a single setting location and they can group videos together to make future updates or changes easy.

Why is a Video Library Important?

Having your own video library is like having your own YouTube channel or space to organize your video content but, unlike YouTube, you have full and complete control over the videos when they are hosted in your own library. This means that you have the power to quickly adjust videos, create individual channels that include these videos, or otherwise modify things like permissions or privacy of videos at any time. 

The Main Questions

If you’re thinking, “Why would I ever need to modify video permissions?” or “Why would I ever need to modify videos outside the norms allowed by YouTube?”

Here’s an example:

You create videos for internal use by the sales team. There are 6 members of your team and they all have access to the video content on your private YouTube channel. But then you let go of one of the members of the team and want to eliminate permissions from that individual so that they can no longer access the content. But, since the videos are on YouTube, you have few options to do this. 

Video Library to the Rescue!

In this case, if you had your videos in a video library that each individual on your team had unique access to, you could easily eliminate the one individual’s access so that they could no longer access internal video content. 

Another example:

You want to allow employees access to certain training videos or other forms of content. But you don’t want them to be able to download or otherwise share the videos with others outside the organization. If the videos are hosted on YouTube, you could have limitations on setting up such permissions, but when you host the videos in your own library, you can easily set and manage permissions on a channel wide basis, on an individual basis, or in various other ways.

Benefits of a Video Library

Now that we’ve answered your question, “What is a video library?” Let’s take a look at the various benefits that come from the creation of a dedicated video library for your business.

The Boons

Not only will you benefit from having complete control over the access and permissions that you can set for your video content, you’ll also have full control over how your videos are updated, shared, or otherwise used in the future. In fact, a dedicated video library brings the following benefits to your business:

  • A central location from which you can share all of your video content.
  • A system for easy collaboration with your team or with others.
  • Reduced storage costs when compared to sending large files or storing large video files for use within your team.
  • Full control over video permissions and access.
  • Expert level organization of your video content.
  • Direct embeds into your own website for improved search engine rankings.
  • Channel-wide changes or adjustments made with ease.
  • Stronger ability to track video performance. 

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