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5 Reasons to Build a Video Library for Your Business

Every marketer knows the headache that comes from searching far and wide for a specific video that they know they produced and just can’t seem to recall where it was uploaded. The more videos they produce, and the more content they have, the more headaches occur.

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If you don’t build a video library for your business, you’re essentially throwing your marketing content haphazardly around the internet without any control–and it WILL come back to bite you! 

Stay Organized

You can’t NOT create videos and distribute content, marketing is a crucial element to your business success, but what are you going to do with all those marketing videos after they’re produced? What if a simple update to branding or a logo change needs to take place? How will you possibly find, correct, and reupload all of your media? 

Organization is key, which is why you need to build a video library for your business! In fact, at Beverly Boy Productions, we can think of many reasons to consider building a video library to keep video content organized, accessible, and easy to control. Here are a few:

1. Organize Testimonial Videos & Distribute Targeted User Experiences

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Building a video library that safely houses all of your testimonial videos has more benefits than simple organization — think about how you can then distribute access to prospective consumers so that they have personalized, targeted user experiences in which they see only testimonials that are relative to their needs or which help them to feel more connected to your brand. That’s the power of a video library!

2. Streamlined Content Repurposing

Right now, if your CEO were to say, “I want you to repurpose all of our existing video content over the next 12 months and create blog posts, vlogs, and social media posts out of it.” What would you do? Would you even know where to begin? Chances are you’ve got spreadsheets or some other form of media that lists out each of your videos, where they were published, and when. Or, maybe you don’t? 

Ease of Access

If you don’t, then you’re in for a real treat as you attempt to track down all those videos and begin the project demanded by your boss. But, if you build a video library that houses all of your videos in one distinct and easy to access location, you won’t have that problem. In fact, you can repurpose, redistribute, and even revise and publish videos with ease!

3. Train with Efficiency

We’re not talking about just using your training videos, we’re talking about real world use cases where building a video library for your business can help you to efficiently grow your team and improve your training. How?

Catalogue Everything

Consider not only keeping your training videos in your video library, but also using the library to host related content such as real life past livestreams of new team member onboarding, Q&A sessions that took place in past onboarding situations, and all those clips of video that showcase past employees in their first days on the job–use it all to your advantage, keep it safe in the training section of your video library, and let new hires get the most out of your video library!

4. Instructional Videos

What if you could provide easy access to new customers so that they could see instructional videos that outline how to get the most out of your products? If your business sells software as a service (SaaS), you know how important it is to have instructional videos somewhere that your clients can see them–on their time! Like a video vault, when you build a video library that includes all of your instructional videos in an easy to access, easy to search, easy to get the most out of location–you’ll have happy customers! And, happy customers, share their happiness with others!

5. Full Control Over YOUR Video Content

It’s yours! Your business paid for the videos to be produced. Your business put the time and effort into creating the content. Your business should OWN your videos–but do you? 

Risky Business

When you host your video content on YouTube or other video libraries, you’re taking the chance of losing control over your content. You risk not being able to access it one day, for no reason, or for some reason out of your control. You risk, having little or no control over who you can allow to see the videos, and when. You risk a lot!

No Risk Necessary

But you don’t have to! When you build a video library for your business, you’re taking control of your video content! There will be no unexpected policy changes, updates, or alterations to how you access YOUR content. You keep full control over the content that is rightfully yours.

Trust in Team Beverly Boy

Want to learn more about how to build a video library for your business? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today at 888-462-7808!