How to Create a Promotional Video For Your Product

Promotional videos are often used to generate hype around new products leading up to a launch. We’re showing you how to create a promotional video for your product that will generate interest and captivate your audience. Follow along to learn about creating promo videos for the success of your product launches.

When to Use Promo Videos

First, it’s important to determine when you should use promotional video content. Promos are great for generating interest in an upcoming product launch or to attract new visitors to an existing product. They can also be used to encourage repeat purchases or to develop excitement towards are product that is old. Promo videos show a potential client or customer how your product provides value for them and encourages them to do business with you. 

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Creating a Great Promo Video

Creating a promotional video for your product begins with defining the core purpose of the video and the target audience. Are you trying to attract new buyers to an existing product? Are you trying to attract repeat buyers that have already enjoyed your product before? Are you trying to generate buzz around a brand new product?

Filming a promo video at Miami Dade Comunity college

When creating the promotional video be sure to:

  • Produce the content in a way that leaves the audience wishing they could see more. The promotional video should tease the audience similar to a movie trailer. Grab their attention, show them how powerful the product is or what problems it can solve, and use catchy sound to keep the interest of the viewer.
  • Focus solely on the promotion. If you’re promoting new features to an existing product, you should provide key details on the improvements that were made and the benefits these improvements have to the consumer. If you are promoting a new product, offer focused information about the key components of the product.
  • Include graphics such as a call to action that tells the viewer what you want them to do and visual titles for key details that you want the audience to recall.
  • Alter the promotional content so that you have several different options to work with when sharing on social media. If you’re launching a brand new product, consider a series of clips that shows a different key element each time and leads up to the full overview of the product.

Promotional Video Creation Steps

To create the promotional video for your product, you need to plan it out, hire a production company, and determine the method of distribution you will use. Follow these steps:

  • Write your promo script.
  • Create a storyboard to outline the key vision and components of camera movement, scenes and individual needs for each shot.
  • Shoot the footage.
  • Edit the video and assemble final cut with graphics and special effects.
  • Distribute the video and share your promotion with your audience.

Now that you know how to create a promotional video for your product, give Beverly Boy Productions a call to get started.

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