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Top 4 Options For Great Houston Camera Rentals

Do you need the best Houston camera rentals for your next project in H-town? We know where to find some pretty good options. Camera rental houses in city are very popular these days with a heavy demand in projects. Video production is more popular than ever, so many Ad agencies, Networks and video production companies alike are checking out what the Houston market has to offer, so that they can rent camera gear for their shoots. 

If you’re in the market for a full Grand package, a 4k camera rental, or just a dolly or steady cam to capture smooth footage, this list of camera rental houses should come in handy for you. It doesn’t matter if you need specialized filming gear shipped to you like a RED Monstro 8k or Insta360 II Spherical VR 360 camera, you’ll find that there are options available for your project. Check out the list of options we’ve put together below.

1. Prime Camera

Houston Camera Rentals - Prime Camera

Phone Number:



11500 S Sam Houston Pkwy W

Houston, TX 77031

Prime Camera is where you can find an extensive collection of equipment, as they focus primarily on gear rentals. This camera rental shop has a large array of some of the best gear on the market, so if you’re looking to use a variety of the best options, they most likely have it.

2. Ver

Houston Camera Rentals - VER

Phone Number:



8251 Kempwood Dr.
Houston, TX 77055

Ver offers it all, from studio use to equipment and most importantly for you, equipment rentals. If you need it, they most likely have it. With cameras, computers, audio, monitors, media servers, rigging, and everything you could think of needing. They’re also great at support.

Houston, a top place to rent camera gear for a video project.

Top Houston Video Production
Top Houston Video Production

The city of Houston has some beautiful locations that will provide you with beautiful backgrounds for your film project. Take Imma Hogg’s mansion, a beautiful home that was actually donated by Imma Hogg to the city of Houston. Houston also offers great locations to feed your camera crew once filming is complete, like Brennan’s, a very popular restaurant in the city. Houston, Texas is easy to film in, so just contact the local city film office for the details you need on permits and local accessibility. With the resources we’ve listed, your search for Houston camera rentals should be much easier.

Beverly Boy Productions Contact

3. Ikan Corp


Houston Camera Rentals - Ikan Corp

Phone Number:



11500 S Sam Houston Pkwy W,
Houston, TX 77031

Have you had your eye on some new equipment but you don’t count on it in your company’s equipment “box?” No problem. Ikan Corp probably has it and they offer rental options for people like you, so you can get the shots that will make a difference in your video production.

4. Vid Inc


Houston Camera Rentals - Vid Inc

Phone Number:



9110 Clarkcrest Drive

Houston , Texas 77063

If you want to have a successful project, you want to rent from the best and Vid Inc has some of the best state-of-the-art equipment available for you. From microphones to studio cameras, lighting kits, and more, you’ll be fully prepared when you rent from them.