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9 Benefits of Using the San Antonio Film Commission as a Top Resource

The San Antonio Film Commission is a top resource for a variety of needs. If you’re coming to the city for a film shoot, consulting with the San Antonio Film Commission provides you with instantaneous access to a variety of support opportunities.

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We’ve listed several of the excellent benefits that come from using the film commission for support while you’re in San Antonio:

1. Film Permits

Applying for a film permit in San Antonio will require a visit to the Film Commission website were FilmApp San Antonio provides access to various permitting needs. If you intend to shoot in a public space, you’ll need a permit.

2. Fire & Safety Services

The San Antonio Film Commission connects filmmakers and crew with the appropriate support services to ensure fire and safety of filmmaking while they’re in the city. Whether you require street closures, crow control, or various other police services this is your first contact for support.

3. Insurance Information

Insurance is required in order to obtain a film permit in San Antonio. Connecting with the local film commission will provide insight into the various insurance regulations and appropriations in the city so that you can be prepared.

4. Cast and Crew Call

Need help hiring cast or talent for a film shoot in San Antonio? The local commission connects you with all of the area entities that provide instant access to cast and crew that are prepared for upcoming work on various shoots.

5. Tax Incentives

At times, Texas and the city of San Antonio will offer filmmaking incentives to bring production to the city. When such incentives are available, the local San Antonio Film Commission represents the leading resource for access to these incentives.

6. Location Gallery

The Film Commission provides a location gallery that connects filmmakers and aspiring producers with instant insight into the various locations in San Antonio for filmmaking. Find, choose and permit a location all from the comfort of your office or home.

7. Area Production Directory

Want to secure more support from the local community? Add your production business or project to the area production directory. The San Antonio Film Commission production directory connects locals and those from outside town with producers and production services in the city.

8. Community Liaison

The commission acts as the voice for filmmakers often procuring filmmaking initiatives that would otherwise struggle or fail to take place without the help of the commission.

They act as the community liaison between filmmakers and other members of the local community to ensure strong, healthy relationships for filmmaking.

9. Equipment Procurement

Need a crane or jib while you’re filming in the city? The San Antonio Film Commission provides access to a variety of suppliers and equipment providers.

Whether you’re looking to rent equipment or to purchase gear, you’ll find what you need, right when you need it at the commission website.