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5 Ways a San Antonio Live Stream Cooking Segment Can Grow Your Business

Live streaming has become incredibly popular in the past couple of years and especially gained traction in 2020 when COVID-19 caused widespread closures of restaurants and businesses. Culinary business owners saw live streaming as a way of connecting with remote audiences and engaging clients in real-time. Producing a San Antonio live stream cooking segment that shares your culinary techniques, cooking skills, recipes or various other ideas with your audience can help you to grow your business beyond Texas.

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As a business owner in San Antonio, live stream cooking segments represent an excellent opportunity for you to increase audience engagement and conversions for your brand.

In fact, these are just a few of the many ways that a culinary show can be used to build your business up. To learn more about culinary streaming, or for information on hiring a production crew to help you create a cooking segment, give Beverly Boy Productions a call at 888-462-7808.

1. Live Streaming Increases Audience Engagement

Sharing your love for cooking and all things culinary via live stream is an excellent opportunity to engage and interact with your audience.

In fact, studies have proven that producing a San Antonio live stream cooking segment for your business can actually increase audience engagement 3X more than a standard video.

Not only that, but customers and potential customers stick around longer with live streams, often staying 10 to 20 times longer than they would for a pre-recorded cooking show.

2. Live Stream Q&A Sessions Build Customer Satisfaction

To you, a live Q&A session may seem silly or offbeat, but to your customers and potential customers, interactive Q&A sessions that take place in real-time represent a way of helping your customers to better understand your culinary techniques or products.

Answering questions about a particular recipe or technique that you’re sharing builds customer satisfaction and eliminates frustration when your audience is at home trying to recreate the technique. 

3. Live Streams Can Be Used to Collect Marketing Insights

Carefully planning the collection of marketing insights in your live stream represents an excellent opportunity to utilize the data in your future campaigns.

For example, incorporating polls, surveys, and various other data collection options into your live stream provides your audience an opportunity to engage (which they’ll love) and if you plan it right, the data that you collect can be used to target future marketing campaigns to further grow your business.

4. Targeted CTAs in Live Streams Increase Conversions

Throughout the live stream you can deliver your core message to an audience that is hyper-tuned in to what you have to say. In fact, audiences actually remember more from a live stream than from written content!

Incorporating a targeted call to action into the live stream, either through graphics in lower-thirds or in the end of the production, can increase conversions for your business.

Your customers and audience members will know what you want them to do, all they have to do is follow through.

5. Live Streams Increase Reach

Producing a San Antonio live stream cooking segment can help you to increase reach for your business.

In fact, simply asking your audience to share your live stream with others who may have interest in the culinary topics you cover is a great way to boost reach and almost instantly grow your audience.

Since viewers are more likely to share live streams than any other form of content, you can almost guarantee increased reach from this single method!

Ready to produce a San Antonio live stream cooking segment to grow your business to the next level? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call at 888-462-7808!