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5 Video Production Tips for Attorneys

5 video production tips for attorneys to follow when building video content. If you’re creating legal content that will be shared on Facebook, make sure you plan your script in a way that delivers the content when “muted” without sound. The majority of Facebook videos are watched without sound on so you’ll need to account for that if you intend to share your content on Facebook. A great scriptwriter will be able to define key points and details that will make your video play smoothly with or without audio. 

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Keep the script short and to the point. Aim for about 70 words per 30 seconds or so.

1. Focus on Core Questions

Attorneys often spend much of their time answering the same core questions of potential clients. If you focus your video content on answering core questions you can save time and increase your industry representation while giving consumers what they are looking for.

It’s a multi-scenario winning situation. Focus your educational videos on questions that consumers are asking. Deliver the educational content in a way that captivates the audience and keeps them engaged.

You’ll build your industry knowledge and representation while helping prospects out.

5 Video Production Tips for Attorneys

2. Include Branded Videos on Your Website

Branded video content for attorneys can be used to increase consumer awareness of your skills and representation while boosting rankings for your website.

Branded video content includes key details about you, your law firm, your credibility and authority, and why consumers should trust you as an attorney. 

Place your branded video on the front, first fold of your website to get the most out of this form of content that is created for your brand. 

Law Firm Video Marketing to Generate Clients

3. Deliver Benefits Not Services

Attorneys that deliver key details about their law firms in terms of the benefits they provide to clients rather than the services they offer can win more clients over.

Clients need to see how your legal assistance has helped others in similar situations to their own. This way they can relate. Services won’t help you to differentiate yourself from the next attorney, but details about the benefits you provide to clients certainly will!

Law Firm Video Marketing to Generate Clients

4. Use Customer Testimonials & Case Studies to Build Social Proof

Social proof and trust flow are terms used to describe how clients feel when they see your content online. Customer testimonials and case studies can be used to strengthen your reputation online.

Videos that show how past clients feel about the work you did for them and what they enjoyed about working with you can help future clients see how they could benefit from working with you too. 

Consumers that are seeking legal help will search for these types of videos when they are looking to hire an attorney and are just learning about who’s who in the industry.

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Follow these video production tips for attorneys to ensure a great shoot. Ready to produce attorney video content that will help you generate more leads for your law firm? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We can’t wait to help you get started!