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9 Benefits of Using the Columbia Film Commission as a Top Resource

The South Carolina Film Commission represents local communities including Columbia where filmmakers come to produce a variety of works. The local Columbia Film Commission is an area resource for filmmakers that provides key opportunities for safe and quality filmmaking throughout South Carolina. Filmmakers gain several benefits from connecting with the South Carolina Film Commission for support while producing films in the city. We’ve listed several benefits below.

1. Fast Location Scouting

Send your vision or script to the South Carolina Film Commission and they’ll help you scout the perfect location for your production! No, really, they actually will!

A customized package of potential shoot locations will be prepared and returned to you within 48 hours. All you have to do is reach out through their website!

2. Digital Location Library

If finding the perfect Columbia shoot location is something that you’d rather tackle on your own, consult with the digital location library at the South Carolina Film Commission website for details.

The digital guide features more than 9K locations in the state, many that are in the state’s capital. You’ll find digital images and unique information about each location in the guide.

3. Incentives

There are so many incentives for filmmakers in Columbia. Film Commission resources frequently lead filmmakers to the many incentives that come as a result of filming in a particular city or state.

For those who head to South Carolina to film. Many well deserved tax incentives and generous bonuses are offered to those who choose this southern gem for their productions. 

4. Liaison Between Community

The general feel for the community is that filmmaking is an acceptable industry throughout Columbia, and filmmakers frequently feel welcomed here, but they also find themselves in need of support at times.

The Columbia Film Commission acts as the liaison between filmmakers and the local community staffers that operate the police and fire departments which are frequently called in to provide support to ensure safe filmmaking.

From crowd control to street closures, they’re here to serve you.

5. Crew Support

Need to hire an experienced film crew or some support staff while you’re in Columbia filming? Contact the local Film Commission for information on local contractors and aspiring film crew members that are ready for immediate projects.

6. Permitting

The Film Commission makes getting a permit for filmmaking in Columbia fast and simple. Most permits are available online with just a few basic documentation requirements.

Allow 48 hours minimum for permitting to ensure adequate time for the paperwork to pass through the appropriate channels.

7. Community Cooperation

If you’re thinking of bringing a production to Columbia, community cooperation is key to the success of the project. Backlash from the community can make the entire process challenging and just overall difficult to process.

The local film commission acts as your liaison and support to encourage the local community to cooperate with your filmmaking efforts. 

8. Equipment Suppliers

Need connections to local equipment suppliers while filming in Columbia? You can’t always bring everything with you for a shoot, and there’s almost guaranteed to be something that comes up along the way the you need.

The local Columbia Film Commission can provide you with immediate access to community providers that supply a wide range of camera gear and filmmaking equipment.

9. Industry Training

For aspiring filmmakers and those interested in learning more about creating films the Columbia Film Commission represents a key connection to the industry training that is available within the city.

Contact the film commission for details on local filmmaking training and industry related educational experiences that can assist you in a career in film.