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Video Production for the Retirement Community Industry in Columbus

The retirement community industry generates over $75 billion from the 50,000+ nursing homes across the U.S and has a workforce of over 1,000,000 personnel. Despite the economic deterioration during the COVID 19 pandemic, those numbers can still rise for retirement communities. Video Production for the Retirement Community Industry in Columbus is an effective marketing barnstorm compared to other forms of marketing media. It is the perfect advantage that can make your retirement home rise above the competition. We also service brands in nearby cities like Bexley, Upper Arlington, Whitehall, and Lincoln Village.

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At Beverly Boy Productions, we offer our professional services to Columbus retirement homes. We work together to produce exquisite videos that are fit to contribute to an effective marketing strategy for retirement communities. Our professionals aim to create marketing media that will not only attract prospecting caregivers, but also new clients in order for you to reach your marketing goals. Our experts are known around the county to create captivating videos such as resident testimonials, walk through videos, or training videos.

Promotional Videos for the Retirement Community Industry

Promotional Video Production for the Retirement Community Industry in Columbus is a worthwhile investment when highlighting your retirement community. It increases your audience reach by keeping your home in the spotlight, and with time, those who recognize your business reach out to become part of your residents.


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Promotional videos for retirement communities are short and captivating, making them suitable for television commercials, but even more effective when they are distributed across various online platforms like the company website, social media pages, email campaigns and any other media platforms. The average internet user spends close to two and a half hours on social media, engaging with different content shared from various parts of the world. Internet users are more likely to engage with high quality videos that are captivating, brief, and have sufficient information that encourages them to do more research. Our services are also available to brands in surrounding counties like Delaware County, Fairfield County, Licking County, and Madison County.

Marketing Videos for the Retirement Community Industry

Video Production for the Retirement Community Industry in Columbus is just as important as video production in other industries. With over 82% of the internet consisting of video content, it increases the relevance of videos as a marketing tool.

Video marketing is an excellent way to connect with prospects that you are seeking to engage with, whether you are a continuing care community, a nursing home, a village, or something completely diverse. These videos also help families find your business. Some of the benefits of video marketing include:

● Spreading the word about their business, brand, products, or services
● Establishes the business as an authority in the retirement community industry
● Increases brand authenticity, building trust and credibility with clients
● Influences buying decisions (90% of customers say a video helps them make a buying decision, according to Forbes)

Video marketing increases the likelihood of a person to turn from a viewer to a paying client. By giving prospective families and residents an option to see inside the community, they get little taste of what they could have.

Gordon Garreau, Producer at Beverly Boy Productions

At Beverly Boy Productions, we can help you produce a professional marketing video for your retirement community that will help acquire new families as well as keep the families you already have within your retirement community. Video Production for the Retirement Community Industry in Columbus acts as a guide to families who are in search of a trusting community that will take care of their grandparents and parents better than they would.

This type of video content will also further express the type of retirement community and senior living options which can be:
Age-restricted communities
Independent Living
Continuing Care
Assisted Living
Nursing Homes and Skilled Nursing Facilities
Continuing care
Convalescent home
Convalescent hospital
Old folks’ home
Retirement facility

Training Videos for the Retirement Community Industry

Training in the retirement community industry is an exercise that will be conducted time and again, or whenever new senior care professionals are hired. Personalized training videos save time and money that would be spent on trainers that would be hired by the senior home leaders.

Indeed, training videos:
● Have a higher overall employee watch rate; employees are 75% more likely to engage in video training than they would with manual training
● Have greater flexibility; an estimated 42% of employees prefer the flexibility of video over other forms of communication and training such as scheduled in-person training or written manuals
● Have a higher retention rate; people recall upwards of 90% of what they see in a video compared to about 20% of what they read
● Will make employee training more effective while reducing training costs; each video can be used over and over again, and improved comprehension makes videos 83% more effective

Personalized training videos for your retirement home senior care professionals ensures that they learn the same thing every time, to create a signature way of doing things in your senior home.

Proper training of prospective senior care professionals is crucial to ensure smooth running of the premises. Video Production for the Retirement Community Industry in Columbus will influence the type of senior care facility options that they may interested in, which are:
Independent Living
Residential Care Homes
Respite Services
Assisted Living
Memory Care
Skilled Nursing
Retirement Community

Interview Videos for the Retirement Community Industry

At Beverly boy production, we produce different types of interview videos for the retirement community industry. One of them is expert interview videos for retirement communities that showcases the relationships formed by the senior care professionals as they provide quality care to the seniors in the home. They also share expert advice and opinions from professionals such as dieticians. We also service your video needs in 43004, 43035, 43068, 43119, or 43016.

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On the other hand, resident interviews allow your prospective clients to hear real life experiences from your current residents about how you have made an impact in their lives. Both types of videos build credibility, increase trust and understanding between your retirement community and prospective customers. If you’re interested in sharing messages from your facility’s leadership, or opinions from families with loved ones in your care, Video Production for the Retirement Community Industry in Columbus is the best way to go; it is also an exceptional way that can promote your senior care facility above other facilities.