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Video Production for the Retirement Community Industry in Austin

The retirement community industry generates over $75 billion and employs over 1,000,000 personnel. Additionally, the demand for retirement communities can increase with the anticipated post-COVID 19 economic rebound. If you want to position yourself to target more residents, come up with an effective marketing campaign that can express the quality of care and service you provide. Lastly, compared to other forms of advertising, Video Production for the Retirement Community Industry in Austin is a key consideration for the 50,000+ nursing homes across the U.S. Our video services also service retirement homes in surrounding cities like Jollyville, Anderson Mill, Pflugerville, and Lakeway.

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Video production is a powerful service that can be used to create an effective marketing strategy for retirement communities. It allows your company to attract potential residents while retaining current ones. The elderly are looking to spend their retirement years feeling excited while having great interactions and activities. At Beverly Boy Productions, we work with Austin retirement homes to create powerful promotional videos, video tours, expert interview videos, and customer testimonials that share more insight about the caregiving services, warmth and comfort provided by a facility. Using video production, our team can show the world the genuine and heartfelt interactions between residents and caregivers. This, in turn, can help you connect with the audience exploring your website and allow you to reach your marketing goals.

Promotional Videos for the Retirement Community Industry

Highlighting your retirement community is necessary in attracting potential residents and their families. With promotional videos keeping your caregiving home in the spotlight, it helps to reassure current residents that you are committed to providing the best care. Promotional Video Production for the Retirement Community Industry in Austin helps to capture the unique personality of your retirement homes in order to engage your target audience in an effort to make your business visible to the right audience.


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Promotional videos for retirement communities are more effective when they are brief and persuading. While video content tends to work for televisions, most brands distribute promotional videos across online platforms like your business website, social media pages, and email campaigns. Digital media attracts many viewers because they are more engaging, interactive, and interesting to watch. The average internet user spends nearly two and a half hours on social media, and this is only expected to increase. A brief but effective promotional video on your social media page could increase website traffic, attract new residents, and efficiently market your business to the world. You can also hire our video services in surrounding counties like Williamson County, Bastrop County, Caldwell County, and Hays County.

Marketing Videos for the Retirement Community Industry

Video Production for the Retirement Community Industry in Austin is necessary for this industry as it is for any other. With over 82% of the internet consisting of video content, creating marketing videos will result in increasing the exposure of the company.

Whether you’re a continuing care community, a nursing home, a village, or a different senior living service, video marketing is an excellent way to help families find your business and bring their elderly loved ones to your facility. Some of the benefits of video marketing include:

● Spreading the word about their business, brand, products, or services
● Establishes the business as an authority in the retirement community industry
● Increases brand authenticity, building trust and credibility with clients
● Influences buying decisions (90% of customers say a video helps them make a buying decision, according to Forbes)

Video marketing offers a unique and effective way to captivate viewers, increase awareness of your company, build confidence with potential families, and share the story of passion and commitment that describe the services you deliver to the elderly.

Investment in professional video Production for the Retirement Community Industry in Austin guarantees families who are in search of a trusting community that your homes will provide for their aged family members. When your company hires our team, we will collaborate to successfully produce a professional marketing video that will market your retirement community to the right target audience. Ultimately, your retirement community will be recognized to a wider audience. This is one of the best ways to promote your services to families that are seeking your services.

This video content helps to further determine the type of retirement community and senior living options which can be:

Age-restricted communities
Independent Living
Continuing Care
Assisted Living
Nursing Homes and Skilled Nursing Facilities
Continuing care
Convalescent home
Convalescent hospital
Old folks’ home
Retirement facility

Training Videos for the Retirement Community Industry

Training in the retirement community industry is necessary to ensure continuous development of the talents and skills of the caregivers. New senior care professionals may keep changing, therefore creating personalized training videos that get rid of problems that come with traditional in-person training is paramount. This allows business owners and leaders to save time and money while training videos improve the learning outcomes for their senior care professionals.

Indeed, training videos:
● Have a higher overall employee watch rate; employees are 75% more likely to engage in video training than they would with manual training
● Have greater flexibility; an estimated 42% of employees prefer the flexibility of video over other forms of communication and training such as scheduled in-person training or written manuals
● Have a higher retention rate; people recall upwards of 90% of what they see in a video compared to about 20% of what they read
● Will make employee training more effective while reducing training costs; each video can be used over and over again, and improved comprehension makes videos 83% more effective

Videos are an engaging and entertaining way to involve your senior care professionals in a more productive and easier to follow training program.

Firstly, video Production for the Retirement Community Industry in Austin can produce for you videos that will help mentor prospective senior care professionals about the different types of senior care facility options that they may be interested to grow in, which include:

Independent Living
Residential Care Homes
Respite Services
Assisted Living
Memory Care
Skilled Nursing
Retirement Community

Interview Videos for the Retirement Community Industry

You are likely to think of a job application when you hear of “interview videos,” but interview videos for the retirement community industry consist of basically expert interviews and customer interview videos. Expert interview videos for retirement communities are videos that share the perspective of your company’s staff and care providers, and customer interviews present the personality of the company by using real residents to share their experiences in your facility. We also service companies in 73301, 78652, 78702, 78708, or 78617.

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Both of these videos can help build reliability for your business and boost the confidence of prospective residents in your company. They share insight from a professional perspective as well as use an emotive method to connect with viewers. Whether you’re interested in sharing the caring culture of your company’s staff or what the families of residents have to say about your business, interview Video Production for the Retirement Community Industry in Austin is a special way to help your senior care facility shine amongst the competition