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What is Micro Video Content?

Micro video content is the future of online marketing. In fact, video in general appears to be the future. With more than half of all internet traffic accounting for videos as of 2019 and that figure continues to grow. Some believe that there will come a time when the internet is almost like television, made solely of video production content and nothing more.

TikTok Video Production

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But, what is micro video content? Follow along as we discuss micro video content and the future of content marketing online.

What is Micro Video Content?

Micro video content is a special way of saying, short form video content online. Micro videos are just a few seconds up to maybe 15 seconds total in length. Some micro videos are just 5 seconds.

Think of TikTok and how much fun users have there or in the past, Vine. Micro video content was popularized by Vine and has since grown to be seen on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all over the web. But why?

What is it that makes micro video content so great? In today’s fast paced world, micro video content captures audience attention in a flash and only holds the audience there for a flash.

It’s the type of content that today’s viewers crave and it’s growing rapidly with millions of people watching and creating micro content worldwide.

Micro Video Benefits

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Now that you know what micro video content is, let’s take a look at why businesses and brands are using micro video content for their marketing. There are several benefits to micro content.

First, it’s short. But that hardly means it’s “easy” to create. With mere seconds to capture, engage, and wow the audience, as well as to deliver your key message, micro content may be one of the most challenging forms of online content to master.

Increasing ROI With Micro Videos 

Micro videos increase ROI. Traditional video content requires extensive involvement, many different scenes and shots, and long times spent in production and post production.

Micro video content is fast and short. This means that micro videos are also much more affordable than traditional video content, especially if you’re just starting out with video.

Brands are finding that micro video content provides a substantial return on investment when done right.

The Futur explains great tips for Video Micro Content

Engaging With Micro Videos

These videos provide limited restrictions which means brands can pretty much do whatever they want, however they want with the content. Micro videos allow brands to show of their true creative sides.

The value that comes from a lack of limitations is seen in the fact that with a micro video, you literally never know what to expect or what you’re going to get. Talk about engaging!

Ready to get started with micro video content? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We’ll guide you through the steps of producing your first real micro video and many more to come.