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Top 4 Ring Lights for Video Production

Creating quality video content is important to successful businesses and definitely important to your marketing mix. Professionals know how important it is to get great lighting with video production.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started or have been around for a while, ring lights add an element to video production that will have you standing out from the rest.

To help top Chicago video crews plan ahead, we’ve put together our 5 favorite ring lights for video production. A subject that has been illuminated right makes for a great video.

1. Flashpoint 13” 600W 550K Fluorescent Ring Light

Flashpoint 13” 42W 5500K LED AC Powered Ring Light2- Transparent

Available for under $90, the Flashpoint 13” Ring Light is ideal for quickly lighting a subject without costing you too much money.

This 5500K fluorescent ring light offers a unique and affordable option for individuals who want to create interview-style videos without putting too much focus outside of the actual subject you want to have on camera.

This ring light boasts of the following features:

  • 13” diameter
  • A fluorescent ring bulb
  • A dimmable and tiltable setting
  • 1,500 hours of lamp life

2. Yongnuo YN608RGB SMD LED Video Light

Yongnuo YN608RGB SMD LED Video Light- Transparent

A bit pricier than the model above, the Yongnuo Ring Light costs $137.

Ideal for close-up beauty images and footage, as well as for portrait-style views, the Yongnuo YN608RGB SMD Led video light features 304 LEDs that can provide a Color Rendering Index of 95 that offers fine-tuning options so you can get the color you want.

If you want to capture fashion shots, makeup videos, or even close-up interviews, this is a good option for your project.

 This ring light features:

  • Large design and wireless control
  • AC power
  • Color temperature range of 3200 to 5500K

3. Smith-Victor 19” Bi-Color LED Ring Light

Smith-Victor LED ring light - Transparent

Top Chicago video crews will love this professional ring light with a CRI of 95 and which promises a completely accurate lighting color.

The Smith-Victor 19” Bi-Color LED Ring Light is priced at around $200 and with the ability to adjust luminance from 0 to 100%, this option allows you to set a softer light if that’s what you want for the scene.

The reflector and step-less buttons are other added benefits found in this option, as well as the full-scale color temperature control that ranges from tungsten to daylight and 4250k.

It also includes these features:

  • 19” diameter
  • 1-100% luminance adjustment
  • Remote control option

4. Yongnuo YN508 Bi-Color LED Ring Light

Yongnuo YN508 Bi-Color LED Ring Light-Transparent

With a two-in-one LED video light that offers a customized LED light soft panel along with multi power support modes, you can use the Yongnuo YN508 Bi-Color Ring Light for all kinds of shooting modes as well as video content.

This professional ring light is priced at $176 which is a relatively good price for everything it offers.

You can use it for general video by demounting it or use a disassembled version with two LED video lights, so you can get the versatile footage you want. It’s all around an ideal product for anyone, from beginners to advanced crews.

The features on this Yongnuo include:

  • Two-in-one LED video light design
  • Wireless control with mobile app
  • U-bracket adjustment for multiple angles


As you plan to capture great YouTube videos or vLog style content to stand out from the rest, consider how any of these 4 ring lights can help you do just that.

Top Chicago video crews know that with the right option featuring durability and versatility, anything can be shot. From amateur footage to large-scale, professional video production, these ring lights are some of the best.