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January 14, 2021

Top 10 Camera Mounts & Clamps

Camera accessories generally range from absolutely necessary to absolutely for fun, most accessories fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum based purely on individual discretion. Some cinematographers will rarely use certain camera accessories such as camera mounts and clamps because they favor a tripod. Others consistently turn to camera mounts and clamps as a means of affixing the camera to a particular point or position in order to capture their shot. If you’re considering the possibility of purchasing camera mounts and clamps to add to your accessory bag, these are the top 10 camera mounts and clamps on the market.

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1 Patuo Tripod Camera Clip Clamp

The tripod clip clamp from Patuo is an extremely budget-friendly camera clamp that provides very basic mounting abilities.

This clip features a 360 swivel ball head that is simple to affix to most surfaces. The Patuo tripod camera clip clamp works with DSLR, SLR, and video cameras of various types and can handle a load of up to 5.5 pounds.

Unfortunately, there is a rubber on the clamp surface that tends to not be glued well and eventually falls off. But don’t worry– a little super glue and you’re all set!

2 Camera Super Clamp from Anwenk

The Anwenk camera super clamp is reasonably priced and super functional for cinematographers seeking to attach their camera system to a variety of different surfaces.

The 360 degrees of mount rotation and locking knob make this camera clip system ideal for both uses with cameras and with tablets.

Clip the camera to just about any surface including motorcycles or bike bars for use in action.

The downside to this particular camera mount and clip system is that it is not capable of supporting very much weight and may not work with larger camera systems.

3 iSportgo Camera Clamp Mount

The iSportgo camera clamp mount features a design that is ideal for mounting the camera to a pipe or tube such as would be found on a bike or motorcycle handlebar.

The iSportgo camera clamp design is sturdy and works well with average size cameras but can also be used with small cameras such as the Go Pro.

This camera mount is lightweight, compact, and affordable. Unfortunately, it does have a tendency to slip when it is exposed to shakiness or vibrations.

4 Arkon Camera Clamp & Mount

The Arkon camera clamp mount system is ideal for DSLR and SLR cameras. The mount features a gooseneck that is adjustable and works on flat surfaces.

The Arkon comes with a 2-year warranty and can be affixed to flat surfaces such as tables, bookshelves, or even a door. Unfortunately, the Arkon camera mount cannot hold a heavy camera and will not work with many professional-grade systems.

5 SmallRig Camera Clamp and Mount

The SmallRig camera clamp and mount system features a ball head mount that is significantly stronger than the previously listed camera mounts and clamps.

This system is ideal for holding the weight of a large DSLR camera and features a sturdy mounting screw in an aluminum alloy body.

This camera mount and clamp have a strong grip and can be used on various surfaces with the pivoting head which provides flexibility for the camera to point in any direction when the clamp and mount are in use.

Unfortunately, the SmallRig is heavy and not ideal for carrying around.

6 Anwenk Ballhead Camera Mount

The multi-function, double ball adapter clamp mount of the Anwenk ball-head camera mount is a compact, inexpensive, camera mount that features an adjustable clamp and tripod threaded screw for mounting.

This camera mount and clamp system works with most DSLR cameras. The Anwenk bottom clamp features a textured surface that improves the grip of the system and helps it to remain in place when mounted.

This durable system is easy to use but the construction of the unit makes it rather heavy and not ideal for travel.

7 Sametop Jaws Flex Camera Mount

The Sametop Jaws Flex camera mount and clamp system features a long gooseneck which allows the camera to be positioned in a variety of different ways.

The clamp can lock onto various surfaces including flat surfaces such as tables or shelves and round surfaces such as pipes or bars.

This camera mount and clamp unit works great with GoPro cameras and other compact camera designs but the gooseneck is not of the best quality and can become loose over time.

8 CamKix Camera Clamp & Mount

Produced for the GoPro Hero, the CamKix camera clamp and mount system is durable and works with most action cameras. A long gooseneck and ball socket make the top portion of the mount sturdy and easy to adjust to multiple uses.

The mount features durable plastic and a lightweight construction that is ideal for traveling. Bottom clamps have rubber surfaces to ensure a strong, steady secure to most surfaces.

Like some of the other mounts and clamps listed, the gooseneck of the CamKix system isn’t always as reliable as we would like and can be rather flimsy at times so don’t expect to use it with a larger camera.

9 Supon Camera Super Clamp Tripod System

The Supon camera clamp is very low-budget but it’s actually a rather good piece of equipment to have. It is ideal for clamping to a bike or motorcycle but could also be clamped to a bar or pipe in other scenarios.

The rubber layer inside the clamp makes it skid-free and secure. The very small design makes it great for traveling. Unfortunately, the rubber inside the clamp isn’t really glued well and can come apart over time. Again, have some glue on hand and you’ll be all set!

10 Smatree Adjustable Jaws Camera Mount & Clamp

The Smatree adjustable jaws camera mount and clamp set is a well-known brand that features flexible gooseneck that is ideal for use with most action cameras including the GoPro Hero.

With the ability to extend up to 13.4 inches, this clamp and mount features a wide opening that is lined with rubber to minimize slipping.

The durable plastic construction makes this camera mount and clamp ideal for travel as it’s lightweight, flexible, and easy to use.

Unfortunately, it’s easy for the top pin on the clamp to come out of the unit and, although it can be reinserted, this is just poor design which could be improved. Otherwise, this is a great camera mount and clamp.

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