Tel Aviv Remote Shooting Kits

5 Reasons to Book Tel Aviv Remote Shooting Kits 

Remote shooting kits provide contactless video recording and exposure control for your safety while filming during COVID-19. Just as you would need the camera and lighting system in your studio for quality production, remote shooting kits allow for top quality video footage with limited contact & zero face-to-face interactionWe also provide services in all of central Israel, including Ramat Gan, Holon, Peta Tikva, and Yehud. Here are the top 5 reasons to book Tel Aviv remote shooting kits.

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#1 Social distancing with Remote Video Kits 

Social distancing has made it a challenge to produce video but we’re still getting at it. Remote video kits will have a combination of lens, microphone, lighting and live web streaming production in a single, simple-to-use kit that is sanitized for safe usage. A virtual filming package is customized for your needs and can include teleprompters, wireless camera equipment, additional lighting and audio, or anything else you may want to reach your goals while staying safe from COVID-19 risks. In fact, Tel Aviv remote shooting kits are set up by a crew member who will make sure to vacate the area before the talent is ready to work.  

#2 Hands free production with Tel Aviv Video Drop Kits. 

Contactless video production offers reliable, hands-free production which helps to eliminate the risks of COVID-19 transmission. With various options of Tel Aviv video drop kits available, there will be a kit that offers all the features you could need for a successful production project. If you’re looking to book a mobile shooting kit in Tel Aviv, you’ll want to discuss your vision with the provider so that the video drop kit solution you get is everything you need to reach your production goals. These rigs can be basic, with a single camera system and basic remote features or more complex with multi lens camera system and wireless control as well as video production equipment with all of the components you’re looking for.

#3 A Virtual Filming Package Meets Your Needs 

Tel Aviv remote shooting kits from Beverly Boy Productions have much of the same gear you’d find with an on-site camera crew while filming on location with them but instead of working in the same space as a crew, you’ll be alone with the gear. A virtual filming package will include an easy-to-use production equipment and step-by-step shot coordination that happens with the technician in another area so that the whole process of creating viral video is both easy & safe for you. A virtual filming package will have a professional-grade camera that is positioned on a moving cart which will also count on audio gear, lighting gear, and a laptop for operation purposes. You’ll find you’ll get everything you need to avoid having to work in person with a complete crew, which could otherwise increase Coronavirus risks.

Remote Shooting Kits

#4 Get Tel Aviv Production Gear on Demand 

Whether you want to film in downtown Tel Aviv or Jaffa, it’s simple to organize the delivery of Tel Aviv remote shooting kits for your production project. Just get in touch with Beverly Boy Productions to discuss everything you’ll need to order Tel Aviv production gear on demand for your filming needs. Producing quality video with a sanitized production kit is very simple. With a moving cart and camera equipment designed for ease-of-use, you can be sure your vision will become a reality. With the gear positioned where you want it and controlled remotely by a technician in the next room or even from another location, you have nothing to worry about. When filming is done, the equipment will be returned to be sanitized for additional use. 

#5 Sanitized Production Kits for Your safety 

Sanitized production kits can help you produce the best video while keeping you safe. As COVID-19 continues to bring challenges to the world of production, we’ve found ways to continue to provide reliable service. ContactlessTel Aviv remote shooting kits are just a few ways that Beverly Boy Productions can help you create quality video. Sanitized production kits make production a possibility during this time where COVID-19 is a threat. You can be sure that you’ll have a safe experience with clean gear controlled by a drop kit technician so you don’t have to worry about possible exposure.  

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If you’d like to find out more about Tel Aviv Remote Shooting Kits that help to make production easy while also following policies shared by the CDC, call Beverly Boy Productions. Our contactless delivery of Tel Aviv video drop kits is available immediately to help you with your goals while keeping you safe from COVID-19 risks. Let us know how we can help you! 

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