Lima Remote Shooting Kits

5 Reasons to Book Lima Remote Shooting Kits 

Remote shooting kits offer exposure control and contactless video recording when filming during COVID-19. Since your crew knows how to operate the camera and lighting system in your studio during production, they can manage to work with the remote shooting kits to produce top-quality video footage with limited contact & zero face-to-face interactionWhen it comes to the provision of high-quality filming equipment, we service the entire West Peru area including neighboring cities like Ricardo Palma, Santa Eulalia, Chancay, and Huaral. Here are the top 5 reasons to book Lima remote shooting kits.

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#1 Social distancing with Remote Video Kits 

There have been lots of challenges in the filming industry ever since social distancing started. But we are adapting with the times to continue providing clients with top-notch videos. How do we do that? Well, to provide a safe filming environment, we use remote video kits that contain a combination of lens, microphone, lighting and live web streaming production in a single, easy to use, sanitized kit. If you want to film productively while still following the social distancing rules, you need a custom virtual filming package that is tailored to meet your production needs. Each kit can include additional equipment such as teleprompters, wireless camera equipment, additional lighting and audio. Ideally, Lima remote shooting kits are installed by a technician who will move to another room to control the filming of the project. 

#2 Hands free production with Lima Video Drop Kits. 

To reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, you should go for contactless video production that provides safe, hands-free production. There are different kinds of Lima video drop kits that cater to a wide array of production needs. In each kit, the features and equipment available are hand-picked to solve the exact needs of the project. When you book a mobile shooting kit in Lima, you should be ready to brief the supplier with your project requirements, so that they can come up with the perfect video drop kit solution. The solution you get will help you to meet your production goals. When you look at the different types of rigs available, they range from a single camera system with basic remote features, to a multi lens camera system with complete wireless control, and additional video production equipment that will meet your needs.

#3 A Virtual Filming Package Meets Your Needs 

Beverly Boy offers Lima remote shooting kits that have the same equipment used by an on-site camera crew, in a typical studio setup. The difference is that the kits enable a camera crew to film the project without close interaction with the actors/actresses/talents in the film setup. A virtual filming package will have all the equipment you need, as well as step-by-step shot coordination, to help your team to remotely capture the footage of a viral video. A typical virtual filming package will have a professional camera, audio equipment, lighting, and a laptoppositioned on a moving cart. This package will contain everything you need to start capturing professional video, without exposing your camera talents. Generally, a remote filming package reduces the increase in Coronavirus risks in the film set.

Remote Shooting Kits

#4 Get Lima Production Gear on Demand 

Whether you want to film a shoot in Callao District or Valdiviezo, the process of scheduling the delivery of Lima remote shooting kits is pretty straightforward. Call Beverly Boy Productions to immediately plan how you are going to order Lima production gear on demand. Your crew will have an easy time operating a sanitized production kit because the kit uses the same equipment they are familiar with. The moving cart and camera equipment makes filming in a remote location easier, since the positioning of different gadgets is usually preconfigured. In addition, your crew can make very minute changes when the need arises. When the filming session is over, the equipment is returned, sanitized, and available for the next shoot. 

#5 Sanitized Production Kits for Your safety 

Sanitized production kits can take your production to new heights because you will be providing a safe filming experience to your customers or staff. COVID-19 has caused a lot of challenges in the production community as well as other business communities. To adapt with the times, Beverly Boy Productions is offering contactlessLima remote shooting kits that will enable productive and safe filming amid the Covid-19 pandemic. So, if you want to solve all your social distancing issues in your production, get to learn how you will use sanitized production kits. Each kit is wirelessly operated by a drop kit technician who makes sure that everyone is observing the social distancing guidelines.  

If you want to learn more about how you can use the Lima Remote Shooting Kits, talk to Team Beverly Boy today. These kits are here to make your production a seamless, safe, and secure process. Additionally, you will have an easy time filming because you will be able to observe the social distancing policies set forth by the CDC. Our contactless delivery of Lima video drop kits is here to make your production goals achievable. Contact us today if you have any questions about the remote shooting kits; we are waiting to hear from you. 

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