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Creating a Cinematic Book Trailer

However, creating a cinematic book trailer typically requires the support of a professional production crew that has a background in production book trailers or teaser videos. With more than 82% of internet traffic accounting for video, and two-thirds of Americans turning to social media to get insight on news and other important events, digital book trailers are more popular than ever. In fact, creating a cinematic book trailer that can be shared online to elicit sales of your book is no longer something that you should merely consider, it’s a task that you really must do!

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At Beverly Boy Productions, we specialize in the production of cinematic book trailers that drive book sales and boost engagement for a variety of different genres and written works. Give us a call at 888-462-7808 to learn more about creating cinematic book trailers for your book.

Creating a cinematic book trailer can draw audience interest and boost sales of your book. But cinematic book trailers use storytelling, visual techniques, and camera experience to draft powerfully creative & effective teaser videos that your audience will be immediately drawn to. 

This is what creating a cinematic book trailer looks like:

Start with a Script & Storyboard

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The first step to creating a cinematic book trailer is to produce an expert script that targets your audience and shares the underlying hook of your book. This is your chance to grab your audience’s attention.

Your script may include a short reading of your favorite paragraph from the book, a storyline that brings readers along for a look at how your book started, a look at your book cover or the designs that were considered leading up to the final cover details, or a particular question that will immediately help the audience to feel interested and engaged in the book.

Once you’ve got your thoughts on paper, create a storyboard to outline the various elements of your script and the individual scenes that will take place in your cinematic book trailer.

Remember, camera angles and the use of visual components to deliver the story are key elements to a professional cinematic book trailer.

Incorporate Endorsements & Branding

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Are you a recognized author? Has the New York Times already made a quote about your book? Do you have other recommendations from authors or special endorsements for your book already? 

In creating a cinematic book trailer, consider incorporating endorsements and your own personal branding to help your audience recognize the underlying connections and to gain more interest in your story,

Working with a professional production crew to create a cinematic book trailer will allow you to take advantage of various techniques such as text graphics, overlays, and various other specialty elements which can be included in your book trailer.

Discuss the use of text overlays and graphics to further improve the visual connections made between your trailer and your audience.

Use Lighting, Textures, Special Effects & Music

Creating a cinematic book trailer that your audience will connect with and stay engaged with is key. You’ll want to keep the total production to 90 seconds or less.

Once you’ve outlined the storyline, and endorsements or branding that will be incorporated into your trailer, it’s important to consider the additional use of lighting, textures, special effects, and music to further engage your audience.

Beverly Boy Productions will use a variety of techniques and special effects to produce your cinematic book trailer. Give us a call at 888-462-7808 to learn more about producing a video trailer that will drive interest in your book, boost sales, and help you stand out in a crowd!