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10 Best Reasons to Hire an Orlando, Florida Production Company

At Beverly Boy Productions, you need not look further for a top Orlando, Florida production company. With a rich history, plenty of people from around the world, and a lot of fun to be had, Orlando is a bustling and happy destination that will stand out in any commercial video production. Here are 10 reasons to hire an Orlando, Florida production company:

  1. Walt Disney World ResortOrlando, Florida Production Company

What could be better for inviting people to something in Orlando than to portray one of the most iconic destinations as your backdrop? The Walt Disney World Resort isn’t only an extremely fun theme park, it’s also an impressive and highly recognizable background for any video production that you may have in mind. From the rides to the shows and the grounds themselves, there’s nothing quite like a visit to Walt Disney World Resort.

  1. Universal Orlando ResortOrlando, Florida Production Company

Are you a huge movie buff? Have you ever dreamed of riding these films? Well you can do that at Universal Orlando Resort! From lands dedicated to Harry Potter to roller coasters that will delight any thrill seeker, this resort has all the amenities you need for a perfect theme park day.

  1. ClimateOrlando, Florida Production Company

Florida is known for being a state where you can stay warm as long as possible. Summers are very long, wet, and quite hot while winters don’t get very cold and can be a bit cloudy. You won’t expect temperatures to drop below 52-degrees, although there are always freak days. The temperature in the summer does go above 91-degrees every now and then, but not often. If you want to avoid filming when it’s rainy, consider working a local Orlando, Florida production company during the dry season.

  1. Orlando Science CenterOrlando, Florida Production Company

If you’re looking for a unique place to capture film with a local video company that has nothing to do with the mouse, the Orlando Science Center may be the ideal location for you. From special events like Science Night Live to event spaces for birthday parties, and workshops for tots, the Orlando Science Center is a fun destination for everyone—that is also highly educational.

  1. Lake Eola ParkOrlando, Florida Production Company

Are you a bit bored of the theme parks? Don’t be surprised, it happens. If you need a break like a family picnic next to the waterfront or you are looking for a great location for your video production with a top Orlando, Florida production company, then look no further than Lake Eola Park. Whether you want to go running, ride on the paddle boats, or watch a concert in the Amphitheater, this is a favorite park for many reasons.

  1. FoodOrlando, Florida Production Company

It can be a challenge to pick where to eat in a city that is known for having a vast array of cuisine options to choose from. From Italian to contemporary American fare to Asian delicacies, there is something for everyone in this city. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Kadence isn’t going to be that sushi restaurant that serves you weird rolls that have names out of fairy-tales. What it will serve you is the right kind of Japanese cuisine you’ve been looking for. As a Michelin-rated restaurant, you can only expect the best from this Japanese restaurant.
  2. The perfect destination for Spanish-style tapas, Santiago’s Bodega is the kind of place to go to with friends, where you can share stories and tapas paired with some of the best wines and cocktails in town.
  3. Domu is a favorite ramen restaurant that does Ramen right. You haven’t really tried Japanese style ramen until you’ve been to a place like Domu, so don’t miss out on it while you’re in the city.


  1. Harry P. Leu Botanical Gardens

    Orlando, Florida Production Company

You may want to consider filming your project with production companies in Orlando at the Harry P. Leu Botanical Gardens. Whether you prefer nature and flowers over theme parks or are looking for a tranquil setting for your video production, the Harry P. Leu Botanical Gardens are an oasis in the midst of a very busy city. 50-acres of gardens that are home to all kinds of plants and flowers, it’s a beautiful location for whatever you may need it for.

  1. HistoryOrlando, Florida Production Company

Fort Gatlin was built south of Orlando to protect the original settlement from attacks. This was during the Seminole Wars back in 1838. Once 1840 rolled around, there was already a community budding around the Fort. By 1856, the city was known as Orlando and while it’s not clear where the name came from, some think it was named from one of Shakespeare’s play’s characters. Once an important of the citrus industry, Orlando is now more known for it’s tourism than anything else.

  1. PermitsOrlando, Florida Production Company

As one would imagine, you can’t just go into any theme park and set up a whole production set just like that. Unless you’re filming at a local Orlando production studio or are doing a new segment, you’ll want to make sure that you get the right permits for the type of production you’ll be doing. It can take up to 5 days to process permits, so keep this in mind.

  1. Basilica of the National Shrine of MaryOrlando, Florida Production Company

In a city full of big colors and lights, a lot of attractions, and hustle and bustle all around, the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary is actually a wonderfully tranquil location for simply relaxing at, whether you’re of the Catholic faith or not. The beautiful architecture of the exterior makes it an iconic backdrop that many top production companies in Orlando like to use.

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