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10 Benefits of Hiring a New Orleans, Louisiana production company

At Beverly Boy Productions, our clients know that we’re the best when it comes to a reliable New Orleans, Louisiana production company. With the city’s rich history and unique culture, as well as world-famous food, there are many ways that New Orleans is the perfect location for your video production. Here are 10 reasons to hire a New Orleans, Louisiana production company:

  1. Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street is like no other street you’ve been on and that’s because it’s in New Orleans, a place unlike anywhere else. With hotels taking over buildings that date back to the 1830s to delectable food at any one of the local restaurants specializing in French Creole dishes, it’s a bustling street that is ideal to visit when in New Orleans. Bourbon Street is the perfect backdrop for any project with a local New Orleans camera crew.

  1. French Quarter

The French Quarter is where you’ll find Bourbon Street and many other ones that you’ll want to visit. You can’t go to New Orleans and not visit the French Quarter. The same goes for filming a commercial video production in the city and not capturing scenes in this iconic area. The French Quarter was actually the original city and has many of the city’s most iconic sites and landmarks here. Just as you wouldn’t go to New York without visiting Time Square for the first time, you wouldn’t miss going to the French Quarter either.

  1. Climate

The climate in New Orleans can be quite oppressive during the summers with the temperature average getting up to 92-degrees throughout the season. During the winter, it is very wet in New Orleans, making it a challenge for those who hope to film a brand campaign with one of the local production companies in New Orleans. Temperatures rarely drop below 42-degrees though, so it’s never too cold where you can’t be outdoors.

  1. Preservation Hall

Opened in the 1950’s, Preservation Hall actually started out as a an art gallery. The art dealer was Larry Borenstein who hired musicians to play and draw attention to the gallery. In the end, the gallery started bringing in people more for the jazz music than for the art itself. It soon ended up becoming managed by Allan Jaffe, who ended up turning Preservation Hall into the hit it still is today. Preservation Hall would be a highly iconic backdrop for your digital marketing campaign or any project with a local production team.

  1. New Orleans City Park

If you need an outdoor location, don’t hesitate to visit New Orleans City Park where you’ll find over 1300-acres for filming your project with one of the top production companies in New Orleans. Open since 1854, it’s always been a favorite for those who need a break from city life and want to relax in this large yet beautifully kept park.

  1. Food

From beignets to Creole inspired cuisine, New Orleans food is as unique as it comes. Whether you’re simply visiting or working with a local video company, you’ll want to try any one of the top restaurants in the city. The following are a few of our favorites:

  1. Café du Monde may demand patience from you but it is worth it. This open-air coffee shop is where you’ll find some of the best beignets to ever be made in New Orleans and even possibly the world.
  2. Yet another favorite for authentic New Orleans fare, Brennan’s offers both delectable Creole dishes, as well as some of the best desserts you’ve ever tasted. You won’t be disappointed dining at this landmark of a restaurant.
  3. If you’re looking for authentic yet upscale Creole dishes, Commander’s Palace is a favorite spot for many. Not only will you be able to enjoy some great dishes, but it even has a jazz brunch space. For those who want to get a real feel of New Orleans food and history, come to this place.


  1. Lake Pontchartrain

Are you looking for a waterfront to use as a background for your project with a local video company? Lake Pontchartrain is actually a beautiful destination that can work perfectly for you. Not the deepest of lakes but offering plenty of opportunity for water activities, Lake Pontchartrain is a must for water lovers.

  1. History

New Orleans was founded in 1718 by the French. In a region where much of the colonization was done by Spanish or English colonists, the city of New Orleans stays a unique remnant of days gone by with its strong French-creole culture that remains to this day. While not the most populous city in the country anymore, it once held the title of third most populated city in the region. New Orleans was named after the Duke of Orleans and has always been considered the “wild-child” of the south.

  1. Permits

If you have any type of commercial video production in mind, you’ll need to make sure to get a permit for filming. A bit easier than in some other cities, you can get a free permit for acquiring must-have permits for filming with street closures or disrupting street parking, etc.

  1. Abita Mystery House

New Orleans is well-known for being a great place for all that is weird and unique and the Abita Mystery House is no different. With a large collection of weird things and art, it’s not only ideal for browsing but also to be used as a location or backdrop for the best video production experience. After all, the 90-year old Creole cottage is as captivating as the rest of this roadside attraction.

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