4 Top Educational Podcasts

As we live in this modern age, the internet plays a big role in every aspect of our lives. You can almost look up for anything and maximize the benefit of this digital era, especially for education. New technology means a big impact on education just like podcasts. Many of the learning institutions are cutting the use of textbooks and investing in technology. Podcasts reach a wide range of listeners via the internet which gives both convenience and accessibility. Students only need to subscribe and they can listen even using their mobile phones.

In this writing, we will discuss the top 4 educational podcasts which you can add on your list or if you are a teacher/professor, you may incorporate this to your teaching techniques.

History Podcasts

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It’s a broad and wide topic but everything we know has a history behind it. Among the top podcasts is A Taste of the Past which explores the culture of food. This has been hosted by Linda Pellaccio of Heritage Radio Network and chefs and food experts were interviewed in a conversational way which made the episodes interactive and entertaining. If you are thinking of having this technique in your history class, you will never go wrong using podcasts. You just have to get an idea of the platform you need to use. Experts from have listed the best podcast platforms and have in-depth reviews that you can check. You can easily compare it and on top of that, you will have an idea which one works best for beginners. Once you have figured out your platform, you can start drafting your history topics and make it more entertaining as possible. You can also get ideas from other top history podcasts just like BBC Radio A History of the World in 100 Objects and Lore which episodes have incorporated a lot of several books.


During this COVID 19 pandemic crisis, the best we can do is to keep our health on top of the line. World information has been disseminated in every channel on how we can take care of ourselves. Aside from that, podcast Dishing Up Nutrition has been created by the founder Darlene of Nutritional Weight and Wellness. If you are looking for easy to understand information and nutritional advice, this is a great choice.



You are reading it correctly, there is also a podcast which talks about happiness and human nature. Happier with Gretchen Rubin provides concrete things we can do for ourselves to be happier, habits that can change our lives for the better and how to find happiness at work. This podcast will surely teach you a lot of things about life.

Daily Boost / Daily Coaching and Motivation

In times of crisis like this, a lot of us are feeling down and unmotivated. Several businesses, work, education, financial status, and our normal routines are greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This podcast is among the top being listened to and it involves self-improvements. You can get the coaching you need and will help you to focus and eliminate distractions.

Indeed technology brings us a lot of benefits in our lives. Use it at your advantage to teach and learn. Don’t just work in a conventional way you know and try to adapt to the moving trend. Education is very promising in this generation and on to the next, provided that we are just keen to explore the advantages of technology.

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