Top 5 Portland Film Festivals

Top 5 Portland Film Festivals [Must Attend]

Known for its microbreweries, eco-friendliness, parks, and coffeehouses, Portland, Oregon, is filled with life and joy. It is also quite historical as it has always been a shipping port for as long as it can be remembered. However, the Portland video production community has made a name for themselves as they assist in attracting global attention to Portland film festivals. The following festivals showcase the city’s impressive talents when it comes to the film and music industry.

1. Portland International Film Festival

With an audience of more than 35,000 film enthusiasts, the Portland International Film Festival is the biggest film event in Oregon. Founded in 1977, there is no denying that the festival has been doing well for itself, with more than 100 films premiering each year. The Northwest Film Center houses the festival with a grand welcome, in hopes of garnering more publicity and attraction towards this film festival. Some of the awards being competed for are:

  • Best Fiction Feature
  • Best Documentary Feature
  • Best First Feature

Audiences can rest assured that they will be receiving the full festival experience by participating in one of the entertaining planned events. These include parties, meet and greets, and the highly-acclaimed award ceremony.



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2. Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival

Most commonly known as QDoc, the Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival is the first of its kind. It serves as the pioneering film festival to showcase solely documentaries regarding the queer community. Screening is held at the Hollywood Theatre in which the documentaries aim to invite the audience to understand practical core issues prevalent throughout the community. Some core issues discussed are:

  • Aging and coming out issues
  • Queer diversity
  • Politics
  • Gender identity


4122 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97212


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3. Northwest Filmmaker’s Festival

Short films, feature films, and documentaries made by talented people from Oregon, Montana, Washington, Idaho, and many more, are all presented at the Northwest Film Center. This Portland film festival is recognized as the oldest and largest in the region. Artists take advantage of this film festival’s reputation to get their work into the spotlight in hopes of elevating to greater heights. Rich and diverse media from various cultures come together to attract ever-growing worldwide attention. The Northwest Filmmaker’s Festival hosts an award ceremony to distribute audience awards and judge’s awards.



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4. Portland Women Film Festival

Portland Women Film Festival gives you a breath-taking insight into the contribution of women on the global cinematic stage. Be prepared to witness powerful film and production as this film festival rightfully portrays the hardships and successes of women within society. The festival spans across four days, and the roster of events is jam-packed with film exhibitions directed, written, produces, and performed by women. The festival celebrated the inclusivity of women regardless of class, age, race, religion, and sexuality. Also, Portland Women Film Festival offers moderated filmmaker panels, and filmmaker workshops are available for those in attendance.


4824 NE 42nd Ave
#127, Portland,
Oregon 97218


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5. Reel Music Film Festival

Treat your ears to well-produced, high-quality melodic tunes at the Northwest Film Center. Lovers of music will be happy to have attended this annual festival as some of the most audience-encaptivating performances are witnessed at the Reel Music Film Festival. It may be the case that not all the artists are well known, but it is guaranteed their talent will become something to keep a close eye on. A few genres performed are:

  • Indie Rock
  • Roots
  • Bossa Nova
  • Opera
  • Jazz



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The Portland scene, no doubt, deserves to be acknowledged as a great place to enjoy the film and music industry. Exceptionally talented filmmakers and artists from the top Portland film festivals showcase their work, on stage, speaking their truth and gaining recognition for their creativity while making all film fans 

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