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10 Benefits of Hiring a Portland, Oregon Production Company

At Beverly Boy Productions, our clients know they can trust us as their top Portland, Oregon production company. With the city’s rich culture and great sites and places to visit, Portland is a happening city that is worth spending time in.

Portland Camera Crew

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Here are 10 reasons to hire a Portland, Oregon production company:

1.Portland Japanese Garden

The Portland Japanese Garden is an idyllic place for relaxing and even for scenes for your video production with a Portland production crew.

Its tranquil setting and lovely pavilions makes it a favorite for those who are looking to relax and has even been the site of numerous proposals.

From summer to winter, the Portland Japanese Garden is always beautiful, making it a perfect location for your project with a local production team.

2. Pittock Mansion

If you’re looking for a backdrop for your digital marketing campaign that can stand out as a recognizable Portland site, Pittock Mansion is highly recognized in the area.

It’s an old home that dates back to 1914 and stands majestic to this day. A large home with uniquely beautiful architecture, the Pittock Mansion could be a great backdrop for your production project with production companies in Portland.

3. Climate

Summer in Portland is a great time to film. The weather is clear and warm and it’s easy to capture the best video production footage during this season.

Fall is as equally beautiful with the changing of colors on the trees while winters can be a bit challenging to work in, with cold temperatures and overcast skies. A top Portland, Oregon production company will be able to provide quality video services, no matter the weather.

4. Washington Park

A lovely park in Portland, Washington Park is more than just your average park. From rose gardens to trails, a museum and arboretum, there is something for everyone to enjoy during a visit to this local outdoor favorite.

It’s also a gorgeous location for filming anything from a TV commercial to a brand campaign with a top Portland camera crew. Washington Park is a favorite during springtime when the flowers are in the full bloom.

5. Pioneer Courthouse Square

A place that is so irrevocably Portland, you can’t do a video production in Portland without filming something in Pioneer Courthouse Square. Known as “Portland’s living room,” the square comes alive with events, tourists, and people wanting to spend sometime outdoors.

From the fountain to the chess table and so much more, there is always a lot going on in what is easily the most important site in the city.

6. Food

Everyone needs a lunch break or a nice dinner after a long day of work and if you’re producing your commercial video production in Portland, you’ll find plenty of great restaurants to visit.

From vegan options to fine dining venues, there is something for every type of foodie. Here are a few of our top picks:

  1. Akadi is where you can find unique African cuisine, which isn’t always the easiest to come by, making Akadi a favorite for locals. Of course, the Ethiopian dishes themselves are mouth-watering and paired with delicious cocktails, it’s the perfect way to end along day.
  2. Not everyone knows just how delicious Catalonian food can be but somehow Ataula does it right. This restaurant not only has a great collection of tapas, the Spanish wines are so great, it’s worth returning for a night cap to this restaurant over and over again.
  3. From the décor to the food, Ava Gene’s makes your visit more than just a dining experience. From the moment you walk into the establishment until you finish your last bite, you’ll enjoy an experience that has been created by imaginative geniuses, including that of chef Joshua McFadden.

7. Forest Park

A large forest just right outside of Portland, this is a natural wonderland that you don’t want to ignore.

With more than 70 miles of hiking trails and views of the Willamette River, this is the gorgeous location that could stand out in any video production with your Portland production crew. Bird watchers love this place and so should you.  

8. History

In 1843, two men by the names of William Overton and Asa Lovejoy decided to claim land in Oregon County. By 1851, this land was incorporated as a city with the name chosen by a simple coin toss.

The land once belonged to Multnomah Native Americans, and after Portland was born, the city soon grew, thanks to the shipyards and the role the city played in World War 2. Nowadays, Portland is well-known for many things but especially in the world of art.

9. Permits

Portland is a gorgeous city and as such, has many top production companies hoping to film here. As beautiful as it is, it’s important to know when to film and how to go about it.

If you hope to film on public property, in the street, or sidewalks or need police enforcement, you’ll want to apply for a permit before you attempt to get started on production.

10. OMSI

Science fanatics will love OMSI. OMSI is an abbreviation of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and the museum is full of amazing exhibits and events all geared towards science and technology learning.

Depending on your subject matter, OMSI may be the perfect location for your project with a Portland, Oregon production company or simply a perfect way to pass the time in between filming scenes.