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Top 10 Reasons to Film Your Video Production in New York

Filmmaking in New York City is more popular than in any other city in the entire world. They say more shots are taken in this city than anywhere else. A quick trip to the city will help you to understand why so many are drawn to bring their video production to New York City. From towering skyscrapers along the skyline to the steel canyons of Manhattan, there’s so much for the naked eye to explore and when you add the twists, turns, and excitement of the lens, the city is a truly magical place. Checkout these top reasons to consider video production in New York.


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1. Film Permits Available Online

Not all city film offices will provide online access to film permits but you can rest assured that the Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment makes film permitting in New York City a breeze. The online application process is quick and simple. One of the key reasons to consider your video production in New York!

    2. Ample Promotion of Your Projects

When you decide to film your video production in New York you actually get a two for one. The City will promote your project for you in various ways. In fact, the “Made in NY” marketing campaigns have become so popular that they continue to promote projects that have at least 75% of their roots in the city – and they do it, for free! The advertising is seen by millions of people representing free marketing for your project!

    3. Culture

Each borough of New York City has its own unique culture and style. Visitors can experience a little bit of everything when they venture outside of Manhattan to other areas like the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. The opportunity to experience the unique culture of each area is truly an experience that you will appreciate.


    4. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art to capture shots of some of the most unique architecture and amazing art in the country. The museum features various locations and exhibits for visitors to experience and filmmakers can find value in the external views of each of the museum’s two structures.

    5. The World’s Most Impressive Skyline

Some would say that the New York City has the world’s most impressive skyline. Featuring skyscrapers that illuminate the night, filmmakers can find iconic monuments and along the skyline for some amazing shots. Capture shots of the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building along the backdrop or views the five surrounding states from the impressive observation deck of the Empire State Building itself.

    6. Food

If nothing else draws you to film your video production in New York, the food will! You’ll find some of the best food options in the entire world right in this city. In fact, there’s more than 60 different types of international cuisine featured in the city’s more than 23K restaurants. If you can’t find something in NYC to eat that pleases your palate, then you’re probably just not hungry!

   7. Empire State Building

Climb the Empire State Building for an impressive view of the surrounding states. From atop the observation deck you can literally see as far as the eye’s will allow. With five nearby states connecting to NYC you cn actually see all of them from the lookout area. It’s certainly an impressive view.

   8. Brooklyn Cobblestones

Filmmakers that are considering video production in New York are almost guaranteed to set their camera sights on the cobblestone streets of Brooklyn. While there are limited views of these original streets today, you can find original Cobblestone in certain areas Downtown, in the West Village and elsewhere throughout NYC.

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   9. Times Square

Whether you’re drawn to NYC for the food or the culture, Times Square has both! The lights at night are amazing and glow in bright neon hues. It’s an absolutely amazing view and no visit to The Big Apple is complete without a trip to this epicenter of the city!

   10. Greenery & Parks

In a city with so much culture, so many skyscrapers, and so much going on, you may not realize that there’s any greenery in NYC. In fact, you may have days where you don’t see grass or trees, but just outside the business your video production in New York will take you to several spots that provide expansive views of the greenery. Consider Central Park, Hudson River Park or a quick trip to Roosevelt Island for a little bit of downtime.