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Funeral Live Streaming Services in Newark

Distant friends and family may find that due to social distancing or job conflicts or even illness, they are unable to attend a funeral service of someone they love. This can be devastating as attending a service is a key part of the grieving process. Funeral live streaming services in Newark allow families to be together through their grief, even if they’re miles apart from each other.

Live streaming technology can make it easy for your family and funeral homes recognize that things happen where it’s impossible for families to be together during a service. This is why you’ll find that about 20% of funeral homes in the country provide this type of service.

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Live Streaming Funeral Services Connect Families

As a family grows, people travel, and job opportunities present themselves in far away places, you may find that your family is spread around the nation. Technology has played an important role in keeping distant families close to each other and this is why live streaming is a valid option for connecting families during a time of grieving.

Live streaming technology has been around for nearly two decades and is often used in situations like concerts or wedding. While some people may not be familiar with live streaming funerals, it can actually be very useful in helping everyone lean on each other when it’s time to say goodbye to your loved one, even if you can’t all be together. Unless the deceased would have not wanted it, live streaming a memorial can be helpful for everyone.

Global Reach for Grieving Friends & Family Members

If you’re dealing with job issues or a sickness that prevents you from traveling to a funeral, you may want to be close to your family in some way during this time. Attending a funeral service is an important stage of the grieving process so it’s not something you want to miss out on because you’re far away and unable to attend in person. The global reach of live streaming can ensure that all of your friends and family members are able to make it in some way to the memorial service.

Benefits Offered By Remote Funeral Live Streaming

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The truth is that some may see live streaming funerals as an inappropriate concept but the reality is that 20% of funeral homes provide this type of option for grieving families. Because a live stream can be shared privately, you don’t have to worry about the world seeing the service. It’s something for just you and your circle to experience on a closed network.

There are many benefits in funeral live streaming services in Newark that go beyond streaming to someone in a remote location. They are:

  • You can plan funeral services quickly when you don’t have to wait for people to arrive from distant locations. For some faiths like the Jewish one, it’s important to bury people soon after death.
  • You may want to watch the service again after the live stream. Recording a copy can help to make this possible, which can allow you to see moments you may have missed due to grief and help you in the healing process.
  • Those that are attending via live stream may not have the opportunity to talk to family members in person but through chat features on platforms will still be able to communicate during the event.
  • Individuals that may want to attend a funeral but are unable to do so in person can deal with their grieving by attending via live stream.
  • Some parents may want to attend but want to keep their kids from having to deal with the grief so live stream services may help them be able to pay their respects.


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Although a funeral isn’t easy to discuss, preparing to live stream a funeral can be very helpful for all of your family. At Beverly Boy Productions, we know that you may not know where to start in planning a memorial service that includes live stream technology but we’re here to provide the compassionate and reliable service you need so that your family can grieve together, regardless of distance. We’re ready to provide the funeral live streaming services in Newark that you can trust, so give us a call to discuss your needs today.