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Video Production for Musical Groups & Artists

Whether representing a band or an individual artist, the music industry is incredible competitive and widely known for their use of video as a way of entertaining the target market & deriving audience excitement that will ultimately drive concert & event ticket sales, merchandise sales, or other forms of revenue generation. While much of the music industry suffered as a result of COVID-19 and the widespread closure of all non-essential businesses causing concerts & major events to be cancelled over the course of 2020, musical groups & artists in the music industry that made an effort to pivot to video were able to continue to draw in revenue through new or under-utilized digital events. Video Production for Musical Groups & Artists is essential to promotions, marketing & advertising but may also be included in an artist’s training regimen as well.

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Beverly Boy Productions provides a wide range of expert video production services that are important to musical groups and recording artists that are at all stages of success with their entertainment services. Whether you’re an artist that is both a singer & songwriter, or you perform in a band, your use of video to promote your entertainment is vital to your success. Video will help you to draw customers toward your event or website for the purchase of tickets, merchandise, song rights, or other revenue generating products or services that you offer.

Promotional Videos for Musical Groups & Artists

Promoting your music in an industry that includes an estimated 62K other artists or musical groups that are also vying for audience attention can be quite the challenge, but of course you want a piece of the action in this $6 billion dollar industry! Let’s talk about how you can get there!


Promotional Video Production for Musical Groups & Artists is integral to the conversion of marketing & advertising campaigns. Short, engaging, and often entertaining in nature, promotional videos offer all kinds of ways to engage your target audience and increase the hype viewers have for your music. Consider the production of:

  • Teaser videos that promote an upcoming event, music release date, or similar experience.
  • Event promo videos that boost hype for or otherwise promote an event such as a concert or live entertainment.
  • Merchandise drop promos that engage audiences and boost their interest in an upcoming release of new music merch.

Any steps that you can take to promote your music and engage your audience can be potentially valuable for you in terms of sales, revenue, and profits.

Marketing Videos for Musical Groups & Artists

With tens of thousands of new tracks added to Spotify every day and hundreds of hours of video added to YouTube daily by musicians and talented artists, it’s important for musical groups to create video content that will build their digital following or, for those who already have a wide audience online, to preserve their existing following. Marketing Video Production for Musical Groups & Artists can have several key benefits in terms of competing with other musical entertainers in building a digital reputation, increasing audience following, and ultimately boosting revenue through a variety of potential profit generating activities.

Consider the use of marketing videos at all major stages of the customer journey in order to:

  • Generate hype around an upcoming EP release, music video or event.
  • Increase audience interest in your website, merchandise shop, or a scheduled tour.
  • Increase email click-through to your website.
  • Display visual & sound replication of your in-person live-entertainment.
  • Encourage your audience to engage with your band & tell their friends.

Whether you’re posting videos to social media, your website, landing pages, YouTube, or a third-party distribution platform, the more you can entertain your fans with your music, the higher your potential for growth is going to be!

Training Videos Musical Groups & Artists

Talented music artists will often find themselves in scenarios where they need to train people to assist them with a variety of important tasks, especially when it comes to performing at a live event or concert. Unfortunately, time is often limited for these artists, and that makes training team members to perform routine tasks or to provide necessary support can be quite the challenge.

Training Video Production for Musical Groups & Artists offers a unique solution to the need to teach or train team members to perform routine tasks. Not only are training videos powerfully engaging & easy to access, they can be used on-the-go, remotely, and across a variety of scenarios to provide essential skills training that will make bringing on employees or new team members to assist with music production less time-consuming and more productive.

Interview Videos for Musical Groups & Artists

As you grow your audience and build a following around your band, consumers are going to have questions and they’re going to seek opportunities to engage more one-on-one with you and your crew. Expert interview Video Production for Musical Groups & Artists provides one opportunity for you to engage with your target audience on a more one-to-one level in which you answer questions, share your insights, and deliver content that your audience will be excited to be a part of.

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Ask Team Beverly Boy about the use of interview videos and the many other ways that you can put video to work for you and your musical group!