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How to Make a Music Video Script or an AV Script

YouTube sensations, TikTok heartthrobs, and all of the fun that goes into music videos produced for television and the internet requires distinctly different skills and an entirely unique and all together different approach. True music videos, those on YouTube, television, or TikTok even, don’t really require you to know how to make a music video script. Rather, it is known as an Audio/Video (AV) script. 

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Here’s what it means to produce an AV script and the steps you can take to make it all happen:

Learning How to Make a Music Video Script

First and foremost, you’ve got to learn how to make the script for the music video and, since the script-writing process is distinctly different from that of a traditional video, it’s going to take some practice even for those who have some background with the entire ordeal. 

Make Adjustments

Learning how to make a music video script requires you to sort of take a step back from the script-writing that you may already be familiar with and adjust your process a bit. The first step will be to brainstorm the music video and the ideas that you have to deliver the story behind the song. This could be a true story or a completely fictional story–that’s totally up to you, or the individual ordering the music video.

Brainstorming Music Video Ideas

Writing an audio video script or an AV script requires a unique understanding of not only the lyrics of the song but also of the instrumentals involved and the story or background idea that is going to be used to bring the song to life on video. So, first, you think about the style of video that you’ll create and the story that your music video will tell–that’s the foundation or basis of your script.

Keep in Mind

As you brainstorm music video ideas to get the script or audio video script started, keep in mind that any idea you come up with will need to be elaborated on and it will have to apply to a music video somehow–don’t get too crazy with it! Listen to the song and think about the story that the song can tell–visually and vocally.

Breaking Down the Ideas

As you brainstorm ideas for the music video script, break them down into a spreadsheet or similar format so that you can keep track of it all. Start with the song time, lyrics that are playing, and the idea that you have for the visual component of the video. Do this for each clip or scene.

Average It

The average line item of time and associated lyrics and visual representation should allot for between 3-5 seconds per line item. Just as a frame or scene would in a fast moving video.  Try breaking down each line item by the line of lyrics in such a way that for each full line of lyrics you will have a scene or shot planned.


You’ll essentially list lyrics on one side, visuals on the other. This way you’ve got your audio, and visual, components aligned. As you list the visual components of your script, use as much details as you can regarding:

  • The type of shot that will take place (close up, full, medium close up, etc)
  • The type of movement taking place in the scene.
  • The type of transition being used before the next scene or shot.
  • Any other details.

How to Make a Music Video Script with a Team

Do you have a team that you’re collaborating with to create an audio video script or a music video script? Consider using collaborative measures to create a music video script with your team. That way everyone can brainstorm and add their own creative ideas or twists to the script as you produce it. Some ideas to allow for this include:

  • Using a spreadsheet that has multiple columns for each team member to include his or her ideas for a scene.
  • Allowing each team member to provide input or to brainstorm on a particular line or lines of the song.
  • Using team collaboration software or programs such as Trello or Google Docs to collaborate on documents together as a team.
  • Passing the audio video script from team member to team member, allowing each to make adjustments after the other until the final script is reached.

Let’s Collaborate

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