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Top 4 St. Louis Film Schools for Filmmakers to Consider

St. Louis, Missouri, has a solid film industry full of aspiring filmmakers waiting to get going on filmmaking. No matter if you’re looking for large or small St. Louis film schools, read the list below and see what feels best for you. These schools offer communities where excited St. Louis filmmakers receive the best training in the industry to launch their career in the St. Louis industry. These schools have amazing programs that range from hands-on to class-based theories, but each of them offers a grade-A film program.

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Many of these schools fully prepare their graduates for incredible careers in St. Louis film production, photography, and the visual arts by helping them study the core principles of filming, editing, production, and more. This leads students to find exciting career paths with major film companies, news studios, and advertising agencies or freelance film work.”

1. Film Connection

The Film Connection offers an amazing Film Production & Editing program where students study screenwriting, directing, and producing while working with a real film production company to give you real-world experience and connections. Upon completion of the program, you will be given the chance to fly to Los Angeles or New York and pitch your ideas to movie executives. While in the program, you will learn how to work with actors, block shots, how to pitch a movie, scheduling, budgeting, and so much more, so you will get a well-rounded film education. These mentor-taught programs avoid the unnecessary costs of normal film schools and programs so that you get more for your money, and you get to work directly with an accomplished film production company.

Phone Number:



7733 Forsyth Blvd
Suite 1100 #11053
St. Louis, MO 63105

2. Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University in St. Louis offers the Film and Media Studies, making this one of the best St. Louis film schools on the list. This program examines the development of film, television, radio, and other electronic media, and looks at their history, criticism, theory, and practice. Because of the business nature of the film, film students will also study film business practices. Students also receive one-on-one attention in smaller class sizes and will get to hear from those working in the film industry to learn from those who live this career. Aside from classroom study, students will get hands-on experience with exciting projects and creating their own films.

Phone Number:



One Brookings Drive

St. Louis, MO 63130-4899

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3. Webster University

The Film, Television & Video Production majors and minors at Webster University teach the concepts and technology, and how they work together, of film. Students will balance theory with experience to gain extensive production knowledge. Students will develop and execute their own projects, making their own films focusing on directing, producing, editing, and visual effects. Classes are taught by award-winning filmmakers so that students learn real-world techniques, and many students use their work as professional portfolio pieces for future employment opportunities.

Phone Number:



470 East Lockwood Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63119

4. Saint Louis University

SLU offers an 18-hour program for a minor in film studies. In the program, students will learn everything from language to history, communication, and a uniquely modern approach to understanding film. From advertising to internet marketing, and fine and performing arts, students that study at SLU have the ability to succeed in these career opportunities.  

Phone Number:



1 N Grand Blvd,

St. Louis, MO 63103

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