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10 Things to Look Forward to When Hiring a Mexico City, Mexico Production Company

At Beverly Boy Productions, our clients rely on us as their go-to Mexico City, Mexico production company. With the city’s immense population and an abundance of beautiful places for filming, there are several reasons why we think you’ll love capturing footage for your brand campaign here. Here are 10 reasons to hire a Mexico City, Mexico production company:

  1. La Condesa and La RomaMexico City, Mexico Production Company

While these aren’t sites, the neighborhoods of La Roma and La Condesa are two favorites for those who live in or visit Mexico City. La Roma is full of old beautiful buildings, many of which have been turned into trendy restaurants, and is also an iconic spot for the artsy people of the city. There are plenty of shows to catch in the area, as well as some of the best bars in Mexico. La Condesa is less about bars and more about lifestyles in the daytime. With a couple of parks that are dog friendly and a track that runs through the neighborhood lined by many popular restaurants, La Condesa is where everyone wants to live and where many people can be seen on the weekends. It is a very lively spot for capturing footage when filming with one of the best production companies in Mexico City.

  1. Parque ChapultepecMexico City, Mexico Production Company

Often compared to Central Park in NYC, Bosque de Chapultepec (or also commonly  called Parque Chapultepec) is a large park covering over 1,690 acres and in the middle of some of the most famous neighborhoods in the city. A place where people can enjoy anything from running to paddling on the artificial lake to sports, picnics, and cycling, it’s a great place to go for exercise or simply to relax on a day off. It’s also the ideal location for shooting clips for your brand campaign in Mexico City.

  1. ClimateMexico City, Mexico Production Company

Mexico City isn’t a hot city as many believe it is. In fact, some areas of the city can remain quite chilly throughout the year. While summers can get warm and sunny, they are never unbearable. The months of April to July tend to bring a lot of rain, which can make it a bit tough for your production company project, but the right production team will know how to work around bad weather. Winter temperatures can be quite chilly, although they never drop below 40-degrees.

  1. Palacio de las Bellas ArtesMexico City, Mexico Production Company

The Palacio de las Bellas Artes is quite possibly one of the more beautiful buildings in the city. It’s colorful dome can be seen from any of the tall buildings nearby and from several blocks away. The outside grounds are where many people can be seen enjoying clear days while skating or cycling or simply admiring the beauty of this cultural center. From the events that take place in the Palacio to the art by famous artists often displayed in front of the center, it’s an iconic place to visit or capture film of when in Mexico City. If you want a beautiful building to use as a background in your production with a local Mexico City camera crew, this is the place for you.

  1. National Museum of AnthropologieMexico City, Mexico Production Company

An impressive museum in the Polanco area of Mexico City, this museum is where you can admire old artifacts from the history of Mexico City. An amazing museum, both inside and out, it’s the ideal location to capture footage for your digital marketing campaign. It is a favorite museum for both Mexican people and those visiting the country who want to learn more about the country’s origins and history.

  1. FoodMexico City, Mexico Production Company

Mexico City does it right when it comes to food and whether you’re a fan of Mexican cuisine or international dishes, you’ll find something for every kind of taste bud in this sprawling metropolitan area known as the Federal District. These are a few of our favorites:

  1. Los Danzantes is ideal for those who want to have a delicious, casual, Mexican meal paired with the best mezcals around. Located in the hip area of Coyoacan, this is a favorite for both locals and tourists alike.
  2. Pujol is not easy to get a table at. In fact, you’ll need to be very patient to ever be able to eat there, but when you get the chance, you’ll understand why this Mexican restaurant is world famous.
  3. La Imperial looks like your typical cantina on the outside yet their dishes are as flavorful and delicious as you would hope to expect in one of the most important areas in Mexico City. If you want delectable meat tacos paired with the best handmade tortillas, or any of your favorite Mexican dishes, this is the place to go.


  1. ZocaloMexico City, Mexico Production Company

The Zocalo is a very important square in Mexico City where you’ll find everything from street vendors to a large and impressive cathedral to the supreme court and the Gran Hotel. As the largest square of its kind in the country, the Zocalo brings visitors from all over the world on a daily basis. It’s also where many famous concerts and events take place and if you’re looking for an iconic spot for your project with a Mexico City, Mexico Production Company, this could be perfect for it.

  1. HistoryMexico City, Mexico Production Company

One of the reasons why one can feel tremors from earthquakes that happen miles away when in Mexico City is because the city was built over the Lago de Texcoco. The original inhabitants, the Aztecs, did this by dumping soil into the lagoon. When the Spaniards came along they did the same on top of ruins. Over the years, the city just kept growing and growing and while it isn’t the largest in space, it is certainly one of the world’s largest in the sheer amount of people that live in this massive city.

  1. PermitsMexico City, Mexico Production Company

It’s pretty easy to film in different areas of Mexico City without a permit, but when it comes to bigger production projects with a top Mexico City, Mexico production company, you’ll want to make sure to get the ball rolling early. For permits for parking for equipment trucks and road closures you may need, as Mexico City bureaucracy can mean that you’ll be waiting a while.

  1. Frida Kahlo MuseumMexico City, Mexico Production Company

If you’re a fan of Frida Kahlo, as you very well should be, the Frida Kahlo Museum is a must-visit spot in the very popular neighborhood of Coyoacan. In a big yet not massive house that was once Frida’s home shared with her husband Diego Rivera, you’ll be able to admire many paintings and artifacts from when Frida was alive. A bright blue house surrounding a large and green patio, the home is as iconic as the painter herself. I’ve been there three times and every time learned something new about this fascinating painter. Her home could even be used as a background for your brand campaign.

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