Top 10 Maryland Film Schools for Filmmakers to Consider

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Top 10 Maryland Film Schools for Filmmakers to Consider (1)

Top 10 Maryland Film Schools for Filmmakers to Consider

Maryland has a happening film scene, making it an ideal location for upcoming filmmakers who want to get a good start in the industry. If you’re looking for large or small Maryland film schools, keep reading to see if you can find the best fit for you. 

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The below schools are communities where top-notch Maryland filmmakers receive one-on-one training that can help them grow a career in the Maryland industry. These schools offer various programs that range from traditional, four year programs to smaller yet hands-on film programs.

As active participants of the Maryland video production community, we know there are challenges along the way. Fortunately, these schools will prepare you for a future in in Maryland film production, visual arts, and photography.

As you study the main principles of filming, editing and production, you’ll find your way to a career with major film companies, news studios, and advertising agencies or even self-employment.”

The UMD has a Cinema & Media Studies program, designed for budding filmmakers like you, who want to build a solid foundation around film on which you can build your career. You can achieve an undergraduate Major in Cinema and Media Studies, where you’ll learn everything from the historical and cultural aspects of film to the aesthetics and artistry of it. By the end of the courses taught by stellar film professionals at UMD-one of the best Maryland film schools-you’ll be ready for a successful career in the film industry. 

Phone: 301-405-1000


College Park

MD 20742

MICA, a film school that offers innovative courses to provide students with a hands-on experience to prepare them for success as film professionals, is where you can get your major in Film and Video. From the technical skills you’ll learn to the history of this medium, anyone who studies at MICA receives the kind of instruction and learning that can help them make it big in the film industry. This kind of degree can put you in all types of jobs upon graduation, with many alumni going on to work in some of the nation’s biggest companies. 

Phone: 410-669-9200


1300 W Mount Royal Ave

Baltimore, MD 21217

The Baltimore School of Arts takes you through all the important components of studying to be a filmmaker, with studies focusing on everything from storytelling to learning about the technical side of the job. Not only are the courses on par with what the best Maryland film schools should offer but the school is also well-connected with partnerships with some of the biggest deals in the local film industry. Whether you want to end up in media, advertising, gaming, or film, the BSFA can get you started on your journey. 

Phone: 443-642-5165


Mark K. Joseph Building

712 Cathedral Street

Baltimore, MD 21201

Cecil College offers programs in Visual Communications that can help prepare you for your future in film. From certificates to associate degrees, ranging from Visual Communications to Digital Imaging, Video Production, and Video Technology, there are options that will position you for jobs in the fields of media, film, and television. If you’re just getting started on your path of education towards a career in the industry, Cecil College will provide you with a solid foundation. 

Phone: 410-287-1000


1 Seahawk Drive

North East, MD 21901

The Krieger School of Arts & Sciences at JHU offers a program in Film and Media Studies. With a small, focused learning environment with courses taught by professionals in the industry, you can be sure you’ll get the kind of foundation you want for solid film career in the future. Offering a minor or bachelors in film and media studies, you’ll have options to choose that fit your goals best. 

Phone: 410-516-5048


10 E. North Ave, 2nd Floor

Baltimore, MD 21202

Offering a major in Electronic Media and Film, you can learn everything you need to know for your future film career, providing background and studies on the theory and history of film. The courses taught at Towson will also provide you with the ability develop skills for the job, from writing to media history, and production. Whether you’re shooting towards a concentration in film or video, radio, and audio, there are options for you to work towards your dream job at Towson University. 

Phone: 410-704-2000


8000 York Road

Towson, MD 21252

Stevenson University, a school that is well-known in the region, is where you will have the opportunity to receive an immersive education on everything from writing film to creating screenplays, moving image projects, and all about the history and theory pertaining to film. Stevenson University offers a bachelor in science and during the program, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue the specialized field you want to get a job in, whether its production and writing or cinematography and editing. 

Phone: 410-486-7000


100 Campus Circle

Owings Mills, MD 21117

McDaniel College is a unique school, with a holistic approach towards education, providing an emphasis in the critical analysis needed in film, as well as the core components of production and writing. You can get a major or minor in Cinema at McDaniel College—whichever one works best for you. One thing remains the same, no matter what you’re shooting for, you’ll get great instruction and teaching from the professors at this local Maryland film school. 

Phone: 410-848-7000


2 College Hill

Westminster, MD 21157

While you may not achieve a degree or certificate in film at Montgomery College, if you want to get your feet wet, so to speak, in the areas pertaining to film, the school offers courses that will help you learn all about fictional narrative filmmaking. You’ll be able to get some hands-on experience at Montgomery College, so you can start getting familiar with the working knowledge you’ll need for your career. If you want a jumpstart to learning about film before you’re ready to get your degree, Montgomery College could be the right fit for you. 

Phone: 240-567-1350


51 Mannakee Street

Rockville, MD 20850

Bowie State University is known to be one of the top Maryland film schools for cinema based studies. Offering a concentration in Digital Cinema & Time Based Media, you can start building a foundation for your future career in film. From editing to composition, screenwriting, and film production, there are great topics and areas you’ll learn during your time studying at Bowie.  

Phone: 301-860-4000


14000 Jericho Park Road

Bowie, MD 20715