How to Find the Best Video Marketing Company in Boston for Your Business

How to Find the Best Video Marketing Company in Boston for Your Business

Video marketing has certainly come a long way in a very short time. Where once video production was something only the big corporate agencies considered for TV, not more than 85% of all businesses consider video content of some form as part of their overall marketing campaigns. The market is huge, but that just makes hiring a video marketing company in Boston even more of a challenge — because the competition is insane! 

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We realize you don’t want to be one of the very few businesses that don’t use video to their campaign advantage. But, deciding on a video marketing company in Boston that’s right for your business can be so time consuming and overwhelming.

How can you be sure you’ve made a smart decision that’s going to positively impact your business?

Whether you’re entirely new to the idea of video production for your marketing campaigns or it’s something you’ve dabbled in a bit, you’ll find most success in hiring a professional video marketing company in Boston that can support your goals and help your business grow.

To assist in that process, Beverly Boy Productions has put together the following tips:

1. Get to Know Your Own Video Marketing Goals

Before you can hire someone to help you achieve your goals, you need to have goals set! Now, this can be as simple as saying, “I want to create a video that will lead to a 10% increase in my website sales over the next 90 days.”

Or it may be as complex as, “I want to create a video series that drives a 50% increase in organic traffic over the next 90 days with a 30% increase in online sales revenue as well as a 20% decrease in website bounce rate.”

Both of these achievements are possible, and video can certainly help, but you’ve got to have your goals set!

2. Begin Your Search for a Video Marketing Company in Boston

Where will you look? That’s entirely up to you! However, we think you’ll get the most valuable starting list of contenders from the following sources:

  • Google – a simple search for “video marketing company in Boston” will work.
  • LinkedIn – a search for local video producers within your network or within close network associates.
  • Film Commission – The Boston Film Commission will have a list of local filmmakers that may provide services that relate to your project. It’s certainly worth a look.

3. Check Work Samples

Armed with your list of local video marketing companies in Boston, it’s time to really get serious about finding a company that’s right for your project. This is where you need to roll up your sleeves and get ready to work!

Looking at samples of the work each of the production companies have participated in will help you to get an idea of their skills and capabilities.

As you review work samples and past projects, consider the following:

  • Does the production quality appear professional?
  • Can you clearly understand the goal of each video you see?
  • Does the content engage?
  • Do you understand the marketing objective of each video?
  • Does the video content appear unique and original? If it looks like something you’ve seen several times before, it’s probably not very original.

Basically, you’re looking for content that appears top quality and valuable, it should be something that you would like to see for your own business. 

4. Organize Meetings for Interviews

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The final step to finding and choosing the best video marketing company in Boston to work with on your project is to schedule face-to-face meetings where you can interview each of the prospective companies on your list and come to a final decision.

Simply hiring a company that provides great work won’t be the best idea – you’ve got to communicate with them and make sure that you can reasonably work together.

Consider the following in the interview process:

  • When talking with each company, do you feel comfortable?
  • Does their management style seem to mesh with your management style?
  • Does their experience fit the position?
  • Do they have a background in marketing videos?
  • Do they engage and ask questions about your project?
  • Do they discuss their ideas for your project with you?
  • Do they appear organized and prepared?

It’s likely that you’ll only have an hour or less for this meeting, and you’ll have a lot of details to gather in that short timeframe. Make sure you’re prepared with your interview questions and that you’re focused.

Finding the best video marketing company in Boston for your business to work with may not be fast and simple, but if you are careful and focused on the task at hand, following these steps will help you feel comfortable with your decision.

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