Here's What Documentary Filmmakers in Boston Actually Do

Here’s What Documentary Filmmakers in Boston Actually Do

Documentary production is exciting and eventful, both for the producer and for the filmmaker. The end result is incredibly engaging for the audience. But if you’re new to the filmmaking process or you’ve never specifically created a documentary before, you’ve probably got a lot of questions about what it is that documentary filmmakers in Boston actually do? In fact, you might be thinking, “Why do I need to hire a professional? Can’t I just produce the documentary myself?”

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Documentary filmmakers in Boston are frequently approached with these kinds of questions from prospective clients that are not there to make life difficult for the film crew, they just have these genuine questions that they need answered.

The reality is, so much goes into documentary filmmaking before the production appears on the screen — and many take for granted all the work that documentary filmmakers in Boston actually do.

As professionals in documentary production with offices in Boston as well as many other major cities worldwide, Beverly Boy Productions knows firsthand the knowledge, experience, research, planning and support that documentary filmmakers in Boston must have in order to successfully deliver this style of video to the client.

Here’s a look at what we do:

Background Research

You’ve got a story that you wish to produce a documentary on, but before we can move forward we have to do our research. Any talented individual that knows how important the truth is when creating a historic recapture or replay of an event or time period.

That’s why we research the background story and the timing of events, extensively. 

As we research the background, we’re also researching the location of the events and the underlying elements that will be required to recreate and film the events. We’re thinking about where we will film and whether we’ll need to secure permits or other permissions to film there. 

We research the locations, permit requirements, and costs. We also research details about the weather where we intend to film and whether there are specific times during the year that are better for filming (if filming outdoors).

In all of this, we’re also considering whether the documentary timing will include references to any seasons, or whether we will need to make sure that seasons are excluded from the documentary.

Essentially, we research all of our questions and make sure that we’ve got all the answers — and some!

Location Scouting & Permitting Fees

Documentary filmmakers in Boston know a lot about the locations throughout the city as well as in surrounding areas of Massachusetts, but you can’t expect them to know it all!

We’re going to have to research new locations, and even if we think we know all there is to know about a location, we’ll double check to make sure updates to filming rules or regulations haven’t changed — especially since COVID-19

While we perform location scouting, we’re also budgeting and scheduling. We’re also making considerations about how a location might fit within the documentary in terms of special wildlife or natural elements that could add value to the storyline.

Throughout all of this, documentary filmmakers in Boston are also seeking information about insurance requirements from each location that filming will take place for the documentary.

Coordination & Scheduling of Crew

All of the research is nothing until you’ve got a skilled camera crew that is able to come together to capture the raw footage you need in order for your documentary to take place.

Documentary filmmakers don’t just focus on research and planning, they move right into the next phases of pre-production which involve scheduling travel and individual itinerary updates for the cast and crew that will be involved in the production. 

During this time, the production company is thinking about who the best crew members are to build the production team and schedule travel, equipment rentals or other needs. 

They pull together a team of professionals that can produce the desired footage under the timeline that is expected and on the dates expected. 

Documentary filmmakers in Boston are also coordinating the post-production processes that will be required when the raw footage is complete.

Everything from sound recording and music composition to post production editing that ensures the entire documentary is exactly how the client wants it, will be handled by the post-production team that is coordinated by the documentary filmmaker. 

Post-Production & Distribution

Documentary filmmakers in Boston will work on your documentary film production from the start of the production when you’re just announcing the ideas that you have through the post-production editing and distribution when you’re sharing your work with the world.

During its post-production, your documentary filmmaker is focused on the music, sound, color, special effects, and graphics that can be used to bring your documentary together in preparation for the world to see. 

They’ll make sure that the final footage is prepared in the desired file format and size that was requested prior to the production to ensure that it’s ready for distribution.

Boston-based documentary filmmaking team, Beverly Boy Productions, brings decades of experience in full-services video production, including documentary productions that engage, entertain, and educate audiences.

Ready to hire documentary filmmakers in Boston? Simply give Beverly Boy Productions a call at 617-314-9267!

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