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5 Questions to Ask Boston Film Producers Before Hiring

Hiring a local film producer is certainly a big decision. The film producer is responsible for a significant portion of the overall project and will largely be involved in handling the financing of the project as well as ensuring that production as a whole is in order and takes place as scheduled. Deciding between the many Boston film producers that may be available to work on your film project will require substantial research and consideration. To assist you in coming to your final hiring decision, we’ve put together a list of questions that you should ask Boston film producers before you hire.

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To learn more about our Boston film producers and the value we can bring to your film project, give us a call at 617-314-9267! Otherwise, make sure that you ask these questions before you hire a professional for your project.

1. When You’re Considering Whether or Not to Work on a Project, What Are You Thinking About Most?

This isn’t a trick question, but it will certainly require some thought process. The goal of this question is to get insight into the producer’s creative side and maybe some details about their background.

Are they a good cultural fit for your project? Do they appear to have the writing and editing experience required for something of this magnitude? 

You’re looking for an answer that reflects on the type of content the producer is most familiar with and what he or she takes most pleasure in producing. You’re also looking for insight into any areas of concern that they may have in working with your team or in you working with theirs.

2. How Do You Maintain Budget without Going Wildly Over? What if You’re Working with Something You’ve Never Done Before?

Asking Boston film producers how they will stay under budget is important because this is a key element of their job — sticking to the budget! This will provide insight into their ability to manage finances and will help you to get an understanding of how they work.

Do they push the limits right up to the edge without going over? Do they react casually and cautiously so as not to wind up over budget? Do they appear to mention strong financial management skills? Do they mention past experience in overseeing projects with a large or tight budget?

What do they say about their persuasion techniques? Can they approach a vendor and get a better rate?

A producer that appears skilled in budgeting and in working with vendors to lower production costs is certainly valuable. Make sure that you’re getting details on how they will cover costs and what steps they will take to ensure they stay within the desired estimate without going overboard.

3. What Strategies Do You Utilize to Keep Projects Running on Deadline?

Boston film producers must have profound project management skills. There are a lot of working pieces and elements to oversee, especially in order for a project to remain on deadline.

Discussing scheduling strategies and the steps a producer will take to ensure a project is completed within the proposed timeline is important.

You’re looking for answers that provide some insight into their understanding of the production process, their understanding of project management, and their ability to communicate effectively. 

4. What if You Find Yourself in a Position Where Your Production Style isn’t a Good Fit with the Team? What Would You Do?


For this question, you’re looking for answers that dictate an understanding of different creative styles and abilities to work with others. A lot of people won’t really enjoy this question, but it’s not about tricking anyone or pushing any buttons.

The goal is to get a feel for how the producer would manage his or her own awareness of culture differences or other areas of potentially not “fitting-in” well with the team.

Are they adaptable? Can they work well with others? Do they recognize the value in other peoples’ creative opinions?

If you’re thinking about hiring a producer that tells you they’ve “never been in a situation where their style wasn’t a perfect fit,” They’re outright lying! Nobody’s style is always perfect and always a fit with everyone, all the time.

5. If You’re Working with a Team that is Particularly Difficult to Bring Together, and the Conflict Appears to Run High, What will You Do?

Many of the questions that you should ask Boston film producers are more about how they will manage the team and their time because much of their job is focused on their ability to manage time and to manage the crew.

A great leader is imperative! Producers may not enjoy all these questions about conflict, but the goal is to gather insight into the varying ability of each of the Boston film producers that you’re interviewing to lead, respond with grace, and oversee conflict or other challenges with the production environment.

Ideally, you want to hear about conflict resolution methods and steps taken to ensure the entire team is in good standing. Again, no trick questions here!

Boston film producers at Beverly Boy Productions represent top quality with amazing backgrounds and expertise in a variety of filmmaking projects and videos. Give us a call at 617-314-9267 to learn more about our film production services and how we can assist you.