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Live Streaming Fitness Classes & Groups to Prevent Spread of COVID-19

Millions of Americans, and equal masses of people worldwide from countries such as Italy, Spain and abroad are seeking ways to keep up with their fitness routines and other “norms” of everyday life from their homes. COVID-19 has led to widespread lockdowns in which entire cities or countries are essentially closed down, but when the world is worried sick (pun intended) over the novel coronavirus, it only makes proper sense to stay focused on when and where the next fitness class will be held — after all, people NEED to stay healthy, don’t they?

live streaming fitness classes

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Live streaming fitness classes of all sorts has become a new norm with the coronavirus impacting virtually every aspect of our daily lives. In recent weeks, many gym goers said farewell to their daily gym visits and welcomed (albeit, maybe, begrudgingly) the live streaming of fitness classes, including bootcamps and traditional style workout videos, as their daily exercise and fitness trainers.

Continued disruptions in daily routines apparently spreading as quickly as the virus itself appear to be prompting a massive influx of personal trainers, gyms & fitness centers, health coaches and fitness gurus alike to seek ways to live stream fitness classes to the millions of socially distant Americans (and those abroad) that are grappling with life from behind closed doors.

Live Streaming Fitness Solutions for Gyms & Workout Studios

Workout studios, gyms, health and wellness centers worldwide are asked to close shop and allow social distancing to take place reducing the impact of COVID-19 on society as a whole. Many have followed the CDC guidelines which recommend limiting exposure to places where people in groups tend to gather–such as gyms and fitness centers.

Sadly, there is a struggle in the fact that people are asked to “stay healthy” and yet, one of the prime locations in which health is the general focus, gyms and fitness centers, are the first to close down.

As an alternative to halting the movement and exercise of an entire Nation, or more, gyms are turning to live streaming fitness classes online for members to participate in. live streaming fitness solutions represent new opportunity for otherwise closed business operations. Fitness providers can live stream:

  • Live workouts with top trainers and experts.
  • Strength training, cardio and aerobics classes.
  • Boutique fitness classes such as Barre, Yoga and Pilates.
  • One-on-One virtual training with personal trainers
    Equipment free workouts.
  • Cycling or spinning classes on-demand.

Will Live Stream Fitness Become the New “Norm” After Coronavirus?

female fitness instructor trains a live stream class

As gyms and fitness centers actively work to implement online fitness programs and other live stream solutions to allow members a “gym-like” fitness experience from home, many can’t help but wonder how much of this effort will continue post-coronavirus?

Will fitness instructors continue to live-stream fitness classes and offer adjusted routine schedules that are more flexible and accommodating when distancing recommendations by the CDC are lifted and the COVID-19 germ is not being actively transmitted worldwide?

Economists say that much of what we’re seeing now, with the influx of home-friendly health programs and easy, online-accessible fitness classes will remain a part of normal business operations 6 months from now. Consumer behaviors that have shifted to seeking everything from education to entertainment, finding friends to finding a fitness program online.

Although consumers will not be stuck at home seeking every social interaction via the internet forever, it will be interesting to see how this market plays out.

Many suspect that connected solutions such as on-demand fitness classes online, telehealth visits, and a continued persistence to use live streaming for more than just an occasional video conference or meeting will become the new norm.

Benefits of Live Stream Fitness Classes

Live streaming fitness classes offers a unique opportunity for gyms to reach consumers and would-be gym enthusiasts not only during the COVID-19 outbreak but even after the economy starts to resume normal operations again in the next few weeks or months.

In fact, live streaming fitness classes will provide several benefits to consumers such as:

  • Login anywhere, anytime. Flexible classes and the ability to participate from anywhere in the world makes live stream fitness a welcomed workout for those with careers that keep them busy and on the go.
  • Affordable workouts that are generally $20 or less per month. Online fitness programs have less overhead than their in-person, brick and mortar programs and can offer lower prices to customers. Some online fitness classes are even free for users.
  • Limitless training experiences. Don’t like the trainer that was assigned to you at the gym? No problem! Live stream fitness classes have the flexibility of allowing participants to try out trainers from opposite ends of the world with ease. If you’re not thrilled with the trainer or the style of a particular program, simply select another and continue on with your exercise routine–it’s really just that easy!

Hire a Live Stream Production Crew

At Beverly Boy Productions we specialize in live streaming video production for fitness professionals and businesses large and small. If you’re considering live streaming for your gym, during COVID-19 shutdowns or anytime in the future, give us a call to discuss the opportunities that are locally available to help you initiate a live stream, on-demand fitness program for your members.

We can’t wait to assist you! With more than two decades of experience, we can’t necessarily say that we’ve dealt with anything quite like Coronavirus before, but we have certainly helped many businesses around the world establish live stream video production that delivers their message to the masses. We’ll help you implement live stream fitness classes into your health club or gym today!