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Las Vegas Live Streaming Business Meetings & Events 

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Like many companies and businesses around the world, we’ve seen how COVID-19 has impacted everyday meetings and more. In a time where words like closing operations and shutdowns are common, a lot of businesses we know are turning to the use of technology for Las Vegas live streaming business meetings. To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to keep your team and clients safe, it’s important to consider how social distancing and technology can still keep your business afloat, and even help it to thrive. 

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Social Distancing at Best

Las Vegas live streaming business meetings makes it easy for you to maintain your communication and business operations even if social distancing has everyone far away from each other. Since COVID-19 has an infection rate of 3:1, you can see why it’s so important to protect your team and clients from such a highly contagious virus.  

With meeting season under way, as well as plenty of second quarter business operations happening, a lot of companies are becoming creative to find ways to keep things going, and live streaming your quarterly business meetings can be a great way to protect your clientele and team while showing them how important they are for your company.  

Increased Employee Engagement & Meeting Productivity

Another unique benefit of Las Vegas live streaming business meetings is that in some cases having online business meetings can help to engage your employees in a more captivating way than if you were holding meetings in-person. It allows leadership to more effectively communicate visions and goals while also creating a productive space for employees to provide feedback. It’s the ideal way to hold meetings in an environment that is conducive to progress and growth—which is what every company can use more of right now. 

 Equipped for Large Audiences

Live streaming business meetings and events for larger audiences when social distancing is in effect can be hard. Fortunately, technology is the real MVP here as it’s a great way to maintain your communications with your audience and hold “events” without having to have everyone in one space together. Live stream productions can reach as many people as needed, from 50 people to 500, which can help your company keep up with your goals during this unique economic climate and current world environment.  

Video On-Demand

By providing an immediate space for business meetings, you’re already allowing for an online environment for your whole team to connect, even throughout this time of social distancing. Take it a step further and record the live stream for a video on-demand. This helps your employees have an opportunity to watch the meeting again to grasp details if needed, as well as add graphics and text overlays if you’re creating a video for your consumers/clients.  

Get Started with Live Streaming Business Meetings

Are you having to close your company for a period of several weeks? If you’re in need of help to keep things running smoothly through the use of technology, please don’t hesitate to give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We’d be happy to work with you to help you with your Las Vegas live streaming business meetings. 

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