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How to Create a Live Stream for My Business

Live streaming is a rapidly growing trend that many business owners have turned to as a way of connecting and engaging with their audiences. Providing an easy means of communication and interaction, live streaming is highly effective and widely respected among consumer audiences. As a professional live stream production company, Beverly Boy Productions is frequently asked, “How Do I Create a Live Stream for My Business?” This is something we wish to assist our clients with, so we’ve put together this helpful resource.


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Determine Live Stream Purpose

The first step to creating a live stream for your business is to determine the purpose of the live stream. There are many different reasons to consider using live stream for your business. Live videos can be used to enhance your audience connections, boost following for your brand, and increase your overall reach. Before you create a live stream, decide on the purpose, such as:

  • To increase reach and grow your audience base.
  • To generate content that you can repurpose for other areas of your website.
  • To interact with your audience and grow your relationships.
  • To increase conversions.

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Prepare the Live Stream Event

Next, you’re going to prepare your live stream event. This requires you to dive into the purpose of your live stream and create a presentation of content that you will share with your audience.

Knowing who your audience is and what type of content they will be most interested in is important here. Make sure that you’re targeting your presentation to the end user – you want people to engage and stick around.

Make sure that you have incorporated engagement activities into the live stream. Whether you use polls, live Q&A sessions, or other features is totally up to you — just make sure that you are making a point to interact with and engage with your audience.

After all, many audiences come to a live stream event for this purpose.

Hire a Live Stream Production Crew

Web Livestreaming Crew

When clients ask us, “How do I create a Live stream for my business?” We’re inclined to tell them that it’s probably best if they hire a live stream production crew. Live stream production crews will work out any potential risks or concerns with the live stream, before you actually go live.

This is important because things like equipment can fail, batteries can die, and internet connections can go down — any of those issues could result in your audience missing out of your live stream which would be very disappointing. 

Your live stream production crew will help with the rest of the process of creating a live stream for your business including:

  • Setting up audio and video equipment.
  • Bringing in lighting or other equipment for top quality visuals.
  • Ensuring your internet connection is stable and securing a backup source if necessary.
  • Testing all equipment ahead of time.
  • Bringing a broadcast engineer to ensure proper switching of equipment and other needs are met.
  • Providing graphics, text overlays and fine tuning of your live stream footage.
  • Helping you to determine whether to use a CDN and what other equipment will be required.
  • Collecting information that you can use for future marketing efforts.

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There’s a lot that goes into creating a live stream. The next time you ask, “How do I create a live stream for my business,” consider all of these steps and the support of a professional crew like Beverly Boy Productions to make your live stream a success!