Funeral Live Streaming Services in Santa Clarita

Funeral Live Streaming Services 

It can be extremely difficult to bring everyone together for a funeral. Other obligations can create scheduling conflicts, and health problems can occur, and these (and more) can prevent your loved ones from being at the memorial, no matter how much they want to be there. This is how funeral live streaming services in Santa Clarita can assist you. 


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Live streaming technology makes it possible for funeral homes to provide added comfort for grieving families and makes it easy for those that are far away to “attend” the service, even if it’s through a smartphone or other device. Because attending a funeral is a very important part of healing after a loss, this is an important option to consider for a memorial. 

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Live Streaming Services Keep Families Connected

Travel, growing families, and jobs can all put distance between us and our families. Fortunately, technology closes this gap. While a funeral service may not be the ideal time, knowing that you can be connected with your friends and family during this difficult time can help you find some peace, and you can do that with live streaming. This technology has been around for nearly 20 years, but the funeral industry is just now using it. 

The whole idea of streaming a memorial service may feel improper to you. While we watch events and concerts via live streaming, it feels harder to use this technology for a somber experience. Truthfully, though, this can bring some peace to your friends or family who cannot attend the service in person for a myriad of reasons. Technology ensures that you stay connected during the grieving experience. 

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Worldwide Reach for Grieving Friends & Family Members

Instead of sending flowers or condolences when you cannot make it to a memorial because you’re too far away to arrive in time or because you may be too ill to travel, live streaming allows you to be a part of the event without having to be there in person. Funeral live streaming services in Santa Clarita allow funeral homes to provide a service that keeps families connected at this tough time. 

Beneficial Factors of Funeral Live Streaming

While live streaming funeral services may feel crude, 20% of funeral homes currently provide funeral live streaming to loved ones. We aren’t talking about live streaming this serious time to the world, though. Live streaming can be done over a closed network where you stream to family and friends who cannot attend due to traveling costs, scheduling issues, or sickness. 

Funeral live streaming services in Santa Clarita make it easy for people in the following ways: 

  • The ability to plan a funeral quickly for those with beliefs that require them to bury their family member as soon as possible is a relief. Things can be done faster when live streaming takes away the need to wait for loved ones to arrive. 
  • Filming the service and recording it for later allows for a couple of things. Those who are present can go back to watch any special moments they may have missed at the time due to tears, and that helps them to fully grieve. It also helps those who were not able to be present to see the service later. 
  • Those attending remotely can stay in touch with others who are attending remotely and with those who are present at the service, which keeps families connected through their grief, even if they cannot be physically close to one another. 
  • Being a part of the funeral, however possible, allows for proper grieving. It is said that saying goodbye at a funeral can help people through the stages of grief.
  • Some parents don’t want their kids exposed to grief at a young age, which is when live streaming helps. They can say goodbye to their friend or family member without having to work through the hard task of helping their children through the experience, too.

Live streaming a funeral is most likely not something you want to talk about, and we get that. But, if you need to talk about funerals, you want to be prepared. Knowing that your family can be a part of the service, even if you’re spread across the globe, can be a huge relief.

Beverly Boy Productions can provide you with reliable services so that your loved ones can be together during this hard experience via funeral live streaming services in Santa Clarita. Getting everyone together to say goodbye to their loved one can be difficult to manage, so we make it easier for you. If you’re looking for support through this taxing time, we can handle your live streaming needs. Call today!

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