Funeral Live Streaming Services in Las Vegas

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Funeral Live Streaming Services in Las Vegas

Not everyone will have the easiest time of making it to a funeral of a loved one, especially if it’s held far away from where they live or happens at a time that is full of challenges that keep you from traveling. Funeral services that are live-streamed help families say goodbye together, despite the distance. Funeral live streaming services in Las Vegas allow people to experience an important part of the grieving process during tragic times. 

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Live streaming technology is a benefit for funeral homes who want to add a touch of comfort to those who may be struggling due to sickness, job conflicts, and more that may prevent travel to where the funeral is being held. Whether through the use of a smartphone or office computer, a person can still keep in touch from afar during the final goodbye of someone they love. 

Live Streaming Funeral Services Keep Loved Ones Connected


As families grow and travel becomes far more common than it used to be, it’s become more difficult for people to attend funeral services for lost loved ones. This is when a common element like technology can keep the family united, which is especially important when a tragedy happens.

While we may at first balk at the idea of streaming a somber funeral service, when it’s typically something we do for concerts or sporting events, live streaming a funeral service can actually be very beneficial for helping families stay together during such a challenging time. Live streaming a funeral allows for families and loved ones to grieve together, no matter how far away they may be from each other. 

Global Reach for Grieving Friends & Family Members

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Whether you’re across the globe, social distancing, or your work life is very complicated and hard to get away from, not being able to attend the funeral service of someone who was important to you can be very difficult. This is why funeral live streaming services in Las Vegas can be a welcome way for those who aren’t able to attend in person to attend via live stream. It can make a big difference for people to be able to be a part of saying goodbye to a family member or friend, making live streaming very beneficial.  

Benefits of Remote Funeral Live Streaming


Although the initial idea of live streaming funeral services may seem questionable, did you know that 20% of funeral homes offer live streaming services for their clients? Keep in mind that a live stream doesn’t have to be public and when it comes to a memorial, you can definitely have your service set up to be invite only so that only family members and friends who can’t show up in person can still be there through technology. A live stream funeral service can be done on a closed-network so you don’t have to stream it to the world.  

Besides allowing people to attend your service from another city or country, there are many other benefits in funeral live streaming services in Las Vegas: 

  • Being able to have the funeral as soon as possible can be important for some religious communities, such as the Jewish one, where loved ones must be buried soon after passing. Live streaming allows for those who would spend days traveling to get to the service the option of being present online.
  • One part of the grieving process is the ability to say “goodbye” one last time. This is why having a recording of the live stream can be very important. Many times, during the actual service, one’s grief can be so overwhelming, it can be difficult to pay attention to little details that could bring you some peace. Keeping a record of the event can help you heal by watching it whenever needed.
  • You’ll want to be in touch with those who are attending, even if you’re far away. Live streaming allows for chatting so that you can be united in “spirit” even if you’re not physically near—this can be very helpful for such a difficult time like a funeral.
  • Being able to be present in a funeral allows for every phase of the grief process to be experienced. Live streaming allows for this to happen for individuals who are too far away to get to the service in time. 
  • Those with little ones may not want to yet expose them to the tears shed for a lost loved one at a funeral but they may still want to be present. Live streaming allows families to shield the children from a heavy experience while still partaking in saying their goodbyes. 
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While we know that a funeral is not an easy topic, it helps to prepare for times like this by speaking with professionals who know how to expertly handle the technicalities with grace and compassion. 

At Beverly Boy Productions, we have seen how funeral live streaming services in Las Vegas have helped people say goodbye in a peaceful and discreet way. If you have found yourself in a time where you may be facing the unexpected, leave the difficult details to our team. We’ll take care of making sure your family and friends that are far away still get a chance to connect with you at the memorial service.  Give us a call today!