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Funeral Live Streaming Services 

Distant family members and friends may not be able to attend a funeral service in person due to illness, cost, or other factors. It can be difficult not being able to say goodbye to a person you love but funeral live streaming services in Detroit allow for families to connect through the internet, regardless of where they may be so everyone can pay their respects to the deceased.  

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Live streaming technology makes it possible for funeral homes to take their services one step further to provide the type of compassionate and beneficial service that allows families to be in touch throughout the memorial. While everyone may not be able to be present in person, through live streaming technology they can be present in some way. 

Live Streaming Funeral Services Connect Families

Travel has increased and people take jobs across the country; the way our world is in this day and age often means that loved ones end up far away from each other. While technology is a big benefit when times are good to stay connected, it can mean everything in the darkest of times. Live stream technology has been around for a while but only recently have funeral homes started offering it with their funeral services. 

Sporting events, concerts, and more, it’s easy for us to make sense of using live streaming technology for these things but when it comes to funerals, it’s a bit more difficult to imagine how technology should be present in such a tragic time. The thing is that it can actually be a great way for families to feel united during this difficult experience and allow them to have some kind of peace by being “together” in this way. 

Worldwide Connection For Grieving Friends & Family Members 

From social-distancing to job conflicts, or travel expense, there are many reasons why families may not be able to attend a loved one’s funeral altogether. But, just because you can’t be at a service in person, doesn’t mean that you can’t pay your respects from afar. This is why funeral live streaming services in Detroit can be so helpful. No matter what, you can say goodbye along with the people you love, even if mitigating circumstances keep you from attending a funeral in person.

The Benefits of Remote Funeral Live Streaming

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Although the idea of live streaming funeral services may seem odd 20% of funeral homes provide live streaming services for clients who want to connect their loved ones. Keep in mind that this type of online event isn’t something that has to be public, if you’re worried about everyone seeing what should be a private and personal event. Live streaming can be done over a closed network, so only those that are invited attend.  

Aside from the convenience provided by live-streaming a funeral service from a remote location, funeral live streaming is also beneficial for the following reasons:

  • The ability to plan a funeral service quickly can be helpful if you need burial to take place soon after death and don’t have time to wait for travelers to arrive. This is true for some religious faiths, which is why live streaming can be very beneficial.
  • A live recording of a service allows family members to watch the memorial again if needed, especially if they were overcome with grief during the experience and missed some key moments. Sometimes a grieving person may simply want to say their goodbyes again. 
  • Those attending remotely may chat with their loved ones during the live stream. This can help people to feel like they’re present with their loved ones, even if they’re miles away.
  • Individuals that couldn’t make it to the funeral service in person can still take the step of attending through live streaming, which is important for the grieving process when losing a loved one. 
  • Families with kids may not want to bring their children to a funeral. Being able to still be present while ensuring their little ones don’t have to see grief so closely just yet can be helpful. 

Although a funeral is difficult to think about or plan for, knowing that everyone in your circle can attend a memorial service helps to provide some type of peace for grieving families and friends. It’s a solution that can be important for those who have lost loved ones. 

At Beverly Boy Productions, we know that while difficult, when you know you have a professional team providing funeral live streaming services in Detroit, you can have some type of peace, knowing that everyone will be able to attend a memorial, even if they live far away. We’re here to provide the compassionate service that you need to keep everyone connected during this difficult time. Please reach out to us if you’d like our professional help. We’re here for your needs.