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Frequently Asked Questions About Las Vegas Live Streaming Production

Las Vegas Corporate Video Production

Las Vegas live streaming video production allows there to be interaction between you and your audience in real time, regardless of location. Whether you’re just starting out with live streaming technology or have used it before, there may be some questions on your mind about the process. That’s what we’re here for. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most commonly asked questions so that you have a better understanding of what live streaming entails and what to expect.  

What is Live Streaming Production & How Does it Work?

Live streaming video production is a relatively recent technology that uses real time video content to share events and more with online audiences. It’s often used on social media channels but can also be shared on an interface that is password-locked and only allows access once there has been a payment transaction or login. It can be on a live streaming platform or embedded on a website. 

Many companies use a live stream to share private events through a closed network that is for specific people and viewers. This usually requires a password to access. Public events are often live streamed for many viewers, no matter where they may be. Where you stream your content typically depends on the audience you have in mind. 

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Who Can Watch my Live Stream?

Where are you posting your live stream? Who do you want to reach? These questions matter when it comes to who can watch it. If you want it to be a private affair, you’ll want to make sure to use a password protected live stream. If you want it to be seen by the world, then you’ll want to share it to be seen on any device, in any country. For some services that are private, there are geo-blocked location services available if you want to keep your content from being seen in certain countries. 

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Can My Live Stream Production be High Quality?

Obviously, the quality of your live stream is largely dependent on who you work with to create the live stream. It should match the quality of what is being shared at the event. That is to say, your online audience should be just as captivated by the digital view of the event as the in-person one your live audience is experiencing. 

To ensure this happens, optimal placement of everything from lighting, cameras, and audio all has an impact on the experience your viewing audience has. You also want to be careful to ensure that your in-person audience is also having a great time and isn’t disrupted by what’s going on with cameras, etc. A top-notch production company is going to know what to do to ensure an optimal viewing experience for everyone, both those viewing online and those in attendance. 

How Many Cameras will Be Used?

The amount of cameras needed to film live stream events will depend on what’s being filmed and the specific production needs you may have. But, to have an idea of what to expect, if you want to get great shots of both the live audience and the event to share with the live stream audience, multiple cameras are a must. Also, numerous cameras allow for better angles and views of what’s going on, so that your online audience feels like they’re a part of the event itself. A talented director is able to switch between shots and angles, so that the end result is a great experience that is edited on location, in real time, without the audience ever knowing. This is ideal for decreasing post-production efforts and also helps the content be ready for any on-demand use you may want to get out of it, after the event. 

Can We Stream on More than One Platform?

You can live stream on multiple platforms and you’ll find that many companies recommend this. You may want to stream on both YouTube and Facebook or another combination, but just make sure to prepare in advance as your crew will need to take some steps for this to happen, so you can stream on the platforms of your choosing. When you plan ahead, there is a lot you can do with live streaming. 

Can We Include Graphics or Music?

The answer is that yes you can, but only if you’re working with a production company that knows how to do this. There are different things you can add onto your live stream, whether its text graphic overlays or call-to-action graphics. You can even music, but just make sure that you plan for this in advance, as some platforms like Facebook don’t allow copyrighted music. Las Vegas live streaming production can include a broad array of things, such as important contact information or relative data, but to do so, you’ll need to plan ahead.  

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What is On-Demand Streaming?

Many companies decide to use the live stream for on-demand video. This is when you use the live stream to share later for those who may have missed the live stream. On-demand content is typically password-protected and locked until the company wants to share it with the audience of their choosing. 

How Long Does Live Streaming Production Take to Set Up?

Live stream production does take a while to set up, which is why a production crew will typically spend up to four or five hours preparing IT elements and cameras to ensure that the stream is a success. They need to make sure that there won’t be any network issues or other problems before the live event takes place. When everything has been tested with the gear and set, the IT staff can also check that there will be no network issues during the live stream. 

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What Can Go Wrong?

People don’t typically ask this question but it’s certainly one worth asking: what could go wrong? The answer is a whole lot. This is because when a live stream is in full-swing, it can be a challenge to fix any issues during a live event. That’s why it’s so important to work with professionals to avoid disasters during your live stream. What can go wrong? There are an abundance of problems that could come up.  

Fortunately, when working with a top production crew with years on the live stream job, mishaps and problems are few and far in between. From poor lighting conditions to network outages, a professional crew prepares well in advance of the live stream to ensure that these issues never come up. A talented crew will know how to overcome these challenges and keep the live stream on track.  

Why Live Stream?

Live streamed event make it easy to reach a big audience, even if they aren’t local. If you’re still considering the use of live stream, read the statistics below: 

  • In the early days of live streaming, in 2016, the industry was valued at $30B. It is now projected to grow to a $70B industry in the next 24 months.
  • 81% more internet users watched live stream content in 2016 than in 2015 and that number continues to grow.
  • 63% of those aged 18-34 years old watch live-streamed video content regularly. 
  • People 35-54 are both creating and sharing their own live stream video. 
  • Live streaming video content allows for active user engagement that simply isn’t possible with any other method. 

If you’re not already live streaming video content on a regular basis, you will want to consider it. If you need help with Las Vegas live streaming production, get in touch with Beverly Boy Productions today. We would love to help you with your live stream production needs.

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